What is the big decision regarding Agniveer, Army is conducting survey!

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New Delhi: This time during the Lok Sabha elections the issue of Agniveer is being raised by the opposition. Other opposition parties including Congress are raising questions on this and have also said that they will stop the Agneepath scheme as soon as they come to power. Now news is coming out that there may be some changes regarding this scheme in the Indian Army. The Indian Express reports that the Army is conducting an internal survey to assess the impact on the Agniveer recruitment process so far. On the basis of this survey report, it can prepare recommendations for the incoming government regarding possible changes in the plan. Under the Agneepath scheme launched in June 2022, Agniveers are being recruited into the army for a period of four years. Only 25% of the soldiers will be regularized as per the qualification and needs of the soldier after four years of service. For this, soldiers will have to apply. There has been a lot of debate on this scheme since its launch, especially in political circles. Recently, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a rally in Haryana, had said that the Army does not want the Agniveer scheme and the Indian coalition government will throw it in the garbage as soon as it comes to power.

While the opposition is on the offensive, a few weeks ago, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said that the government is ready to make changes in the Agnipath scheme if needed and this will not affect the future of the youth joining as Agniveers. According to the news, comments have been sought from the officials on recruitment, training and other things under which Agniveers work. Officials have said that the answers to all the questions will be kept for evaluation. There is a list of about ten questions in it.

The survey includes questions on why Agniveers decided to join the Army, what other jobs, competitive exams or recruitment they tried for before joining as Agniveers. Does he think he should be permanently inducted into the army? Among the questions that will be asked in the survey, information will have to be given about Agniveer's primary reasons for joining the army and his eagerness to join the army. This question needs to be answered by how applicants from urban and rural areas of the country have responded to the online entrance test.

The survey will also take into account inputs received from various unit and sub-unit commanders. Based on these inputs, it is likely that the Army will suggest possible changes in the plan in terms of deployment of Agniveers, a sustainable percentage of deployment of Agniveers in the long run, etc.

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