I can deal with four like you alone… Prashant Kishore gets angry at Karan Thapar, creates ruckus on social media

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New Delhi: What will happen when the results of Lok Sabha elections come on June 4? Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. Analysts are also answering this. It is a different matter that until the results come, only guesses and speculations can be made. In this era, people are also listening carefully to election analyst Prashant Kishore. This is the reason why they are in demand in every media institutions. Prashant Kishore is giving interviews to big journalists. During one such interview, his debate with The Wire journalist Karan Thapar takes a different turn. The video clip of the altercation between the two is now going viral on social media. People are sharing their opinions along with videos on social media platforms. Some people are praising Karan Thapar while some are busy patting the back of Prashant Kishore. Let us know what happened between Karan Thapar and Prashant Kishore and on which issue the debate between the two has now become a topic of discussion.

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Prashant Kishor got angry with a comment by Karan Thapar

Actually, Karan Thapar asks a question and as soon as Prashant Kishore starts answering, Karan makes a comment in between. On this Prashant Kishore starts asking for proof from him. When Prashant says that from his understanding, BJP's total number of seats does not seem to be decreasing in this election. So they say that the states in the north-western part of the country are BJP's strongholds, the party does not see any major loss there. And whatever little loss there is, it will be compensated by the south-eastern states. On this, Karan asks how much confidence he (Prashant) has in this estimate. Prashant says- very much. As much as I used to. On this, Karan Thapar tells him that actually he is asking this question because Prashant Kishore had made a similar prediction during the assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh and had said that the Congress party would be uprooted there. However, when the results came, the Congress Party had formed the government in Himachal.

Long debate on demand to show video

On this comment of Karan, Prashant Kishore asked whether he has ever said this? If asked, then he should be shown that video. Karan says that you had predicted the end of Congress in Himachal in May 2022. Prashant demands to show him the video of this statement and remains adamant on this. He says that if you show me this video, I will leave this profession and if you are wrong, then apologize immediately. There is a long debate between the two on this. At one point Prashant Kishore even says that Karan you cannot threaten me. Then not only you, no journalist or anyone else can scare me. He said that Karan you think that making people uncomfortable with difficult questions in the interview is your USP, but I can deal with four people like you alone. In this way, after a heated debate that lasted for some time, the interview moves forward and the series of questions and answers starts again.

On social media, some are in support of Prashant and some are in support of Karan.

Different types of opinions are coming on this heated debate. Ritu Rathore writes, 'To be honest, Prashant Kishore did not need to be so aggressive. He himself had tweeted on the defeat of Congress in Himachal Pradesh. Then why deny it? Everyone should accept his mistake. After all, every person can make mistakes. The wisdom lies in learning from our mistakes and moving forward. Kishore is seen completely on the back foot here.

Similarly, Swati Dixit writes, 'Karan Thapar exposed Prashant Kishor. When Karan Thapar questioned him on his tweet predicting the end of Congress from Himachal Pradesh, he got angry. Look at Prashant's frustration and body language. When he was caught, he started shouting.

At the same time, some people believe that Prashant Kishore had exposed Karan Thapar. Arun Pudur writes, 'Karan Thapar got a good lesson. Everyone knows how he scares his guests by lying.

At the same time, Darshan Pathak writes, 'I can deal with four people like you… Prashant Kishore said this when Karan Thapar tried to threaten him. This time too Karan was trying to play tricks by hiding half the truth, as he always does. During the entire interview, he always selects words with an agenda, interprets them according to his wish and tries to make the other person say his point of view.

BJP's seats are certain…now Yogendra Yadav said a big thing on Prashant Kishore's claim

This round of speculation will continue till June 4

In this phase of election predictions, there are differences among analysts as well. There is a section which is estimating that BJP will not get majority on its own, while Prashant Kishore says that this time too BJP will get the same number of seats as in 2019 or a little more than that. Different survey houses, media houses and independent journalists are doing surveys on the ground. When the seventh phase of voting ends on June 1, the survey results will be shown in the evening and the same survey reports will be discussed till June 4. Till then, discussions are being held with analysts and various kinds of speculations are being made. The final decision will come only on June 4.

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