What is a super over? When was it first implemented, which team bats first

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New Delhi. June 6, 2024 was a very special day for the host American cricket team. On this day, it created history in the T20 World Cup by defeating Pakistan. The associate team performed brilliantly in the 11th match of the T20 World Cup and defeated Pakistan in the Super Over. In the stipulated 20 overs, both the teams scored the same 159 runs. After this the result of the match came out in the Super Over. But what is this Super Over? People are curious to know about it. The Americans were also curious to know what it is. This question is in everyone's mind. But don't worry, let's take a detailed look at the rule of Super Over and understand why and when it is applicable in cricket.

Super Overs have been played 4 times in the history of T20 World Cup. Super Overs have been played 2 times so far in the T20 World Cup being played in America and Windies. The first Super Over was played between Sri Lanka and New Zealand in the 2012 T20 World Cup. Sri Lanka won then, while the same year Windies also defeated New Zealand in the Super Over, while in this World Cup Namibia defeated Oman and America defeated Pakistan.

  • What is a Super Over?

    Super Over is used when the match is tied. This rule came in 2008. Before this, the ball out method rule was applied. India defeated Pakistan in a ball out in the first T20 World Cup held in 2007. The rule of super over is applied when the score is equal. Under this, two teams choose three batsmen and one bowler to bowl 6 valid balls. The team scoring the most runs at the end of two overs is declared the winner. All the runs scored by the batsman and all the wickets taken by the bowler in the super over are not counted in their career statistics.

  • Which team will bat first in the super over?

  • The team that batted second in the original match comes to bat first in the Super Over.

  • How many wickets can a bowler take in a super over?

  • A bowler can take a maximum of 2 wickets in a super over.

  • What if the super over is also tied?

  • According to ICC rules, if the Super Over is tied, the next Super Over will be played until the winner is determined.

    first published : June 7, 2024, 9:10 pm IST

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