What colour clothes did Mother Sita wear during her exile? What is the meaning behind it?

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The life of Lord Rama was beautifully put into words by the first poet Maharshi Valmiki. About 24,000 verses of this Sanskrit epic have been presented to the people in many forms till date, due to which every child in every house knows about the story of Lord Rama's life. However, there are many things related to it even today, which are rarely talked about.

For example, when Ram, Sita and Lakshman left their luxurious royal life and went on a 14-year exile, why did they choose very simple clothes? Why did they choose the colour yellow? A question related to this was once asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati, and the contestant had to quit the game because he did not know the answer. (Photo courtesy: Pixabay)

What colour clothes did Lord Ram and Mother Sita wear?

While explaining the exile period in Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki had described the clothes of Lord Rama, Mata Sita and Lakshman as plain and yellow in colour. In some later translations, it has also been described as saffron. Rama and Sita wore cotton clothes of the same colour for 14 years. Mata Janaki also wore the same plain colour and clothes while living in Lanka. (Photo courtesy: AI)

There was a special meaning hidden behind the clothes of Ram and Sita.

At the very beginning of their exile, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana abandoned all luxuries. This shows that they were leaving behind everything related to prosperity, luxury and grandeur that came with 14 years of royal rule.

The meaning behind the color

The meaning behind the color

Renunciation of all comforts during the 14 years of exile meant that Ram and Sita would live a life like saints. The same sentiment was behind choosing yellow/saffron coloured clothes. In fact, at that time, sadhus and saints used to wear yellow colour only. It is believed that this colour is a symbol of renunciation.

Other meanings related to the color yellow

Other meanings related to the color yellow

Yellow color expresses many other emotions. This color represents happiness, positivity, energy, vibrancy and wisdom. Along with this, it also expresses a sense of respect, honesty and trust. (Photo courtesy: Pixabay)

benefits of wearing yellow color

benefits of wearing yellow color

It is believed that wearing yellow color increases the flow of positive energy in a person. This increases his ability to understand and learn. Also, this color also increases confidence and enthusiasm. (Photo courtesy: Pixabay)

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