What are the reasons for late marriage of girls?

Ananya Shroff
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Emphasis on studies

Not completely, but where girls used to be married off at a very young age, today the emphasis is on educating girls first and helping them stand on their own feet. Girls today are more educated and career-oriented than ever before, which may be one reason for their late marriage.

Make yourself financially strong

The way inflation is rising, it is necessary for both husband and wife to earn to run the family and this is also a reason why girls are getting educated and doing jobs, standing on their own feet and making themselves financially strong. To avoid financial problems after marriage, girls are first focusing on earning and getting married later.

Things to explore before marriage

Things to explore before marriage

Earlier it was said that whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, you should go after marriage, but now girls have become more inclined towards travelling and they want to explore things before marriage. This can also be a reason for girls getting married late.

Looking for a lover

Looking for a lover

In earlier times, girls were financially weak, they had to ask their husbands for money for every small purchase, and they also had to face humiliation and domestic violence. But today girls are earning, they can fulfill their needs themselves.

In such a situation, they want to spend their life with a life partner who respects them, loves them, does not consider them inferior to himself and is mature. Searching for a true lover can also be a reason for girls to marry late.

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