Web Series Review: Falls, recovers, then once again shines like life 'Gullak 4'

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Childhood memories related to Gullak are very special for all of us and the web series 'Gullak' refreshes this memory every time. 'Gullak', which narrates the sweet and sour stories of middle class life, has reached the audience with its fourth season.

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'Gullak Season 4 Story'

This time too, the story is about the same Mishra family i.e. Papa Santosh Mishra (Jameel Khan), Mummy Shanti Mishra (Geetanjali Kulkarni), elder son Annu Mishra (Vaibhav Raj Gupta), younger Aman Mishra (Harsh Mayar), who have come close to the audience with their small joys, needs, challenges, but this time writer Vidit Tripathi has taken up the responsibility of narrating their stories. It must have been a big challenge for Vidit to take such a successful show to new heights, in which initially he falters a bit, but then regains his balance and as the episodes progress, he succeeds in maintaining the old tinkling of 'Gullak'.

Trailer of 'Gullak 4'

'Gullak Season 4' Web Series Review

The first two episodes of this series of five episodes of about half an hour each, 'Show Cause Notice' and 'Chhinne', do not have much connection with the previous episodes. Santosh Mishra, who always insists on not taking bribes, getting irritated on giving bribe also does not seem logical. Similarly, linking the snatching of the neck chain with self-respect also seems strange. But this episode teaches us to see the positive side even in sorrow.

The episode explaining the value of household junk is light-hearted, while the 'third wheel' episode is a funny example of boys' first love in small towns. The soul of the fourth season of the series is its last episode 'Father, Son and Love Letter', which is like a counseling session on the relationship between growing children and parents. It is worth watching how the elder brother and parents have to change their roles when the younger son of the house starts growing up. Half of the extra stars are made for this episode.

A big feature of this series directed by Shreyansh Pandey is the excellent acting of its actors. Jameel Khan, Geetanjali, Vaibhav, Harsh, all have molded themselves into their characters. Sunita Rajwar, who plays Bittu's mother, is that pinch of salt in this story of the Mishra family, without which the fun would remain incomplete. Helly Shah looks good in the new characters. Overall, you can prepare to break this piggy bank on the weekend and enjoy its stories.

Why watch: This time too, the stories coming out from 'Gullak' will tickle you and teach you a lot.

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