We want to enjoy with you…Rohit's invitation to fans

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We want to enjoy with you…Rohit's invitation to fans


Rohit made this request to fans on social media Team India will take part in the Vijay Parade in Mumbai on July 4

New Delhi. Four days after winning the T20 World Cup, Rohit and company are reaching Delhi on Thursday (July 4) morning. As soon as Team India reaches home, the celebrations will begin. The players are also very excited about this. After reaching Delhi, the Indian team will have breakfast with Narendra Modi at the Prime Minister's residence (PMO). Team India's return home was delayed by four days due to being stuck in Beryl storm in Barbados. The BCCI had sent a charter plane to Barbados to evacuate the players from there. The charter plane is carrying Indian players along with their families and team support staff, which includes BCCI officials and Indian media personnel. Team India will leave directly from Delhi for Mumbai where a victory parade will be taken out. On this special occasion, Rohit has urged his fans to reach in maximum numbers and enjoy this special moment.

Rohit Sharma wrote in a post on x.com, 'We want to enjoy this special moment with all of you. So let's celebrate this victory with a victory parade at Marine Drive and Wankhede on July 4 from 5:00 pm. The trophy is coming home.' India defeated South Africa by 7 runs in the final of the T20 World Cup 2024 and achieved the distinction of becoming the world champion in T20 for the second time.

Rajiv Shukla confirmed
BCCI vice-president Rajeev Shukla said, “The Prime Minister has organized a welcome ceremony for the team at his residence at 11 am.” Team India, exhausted from the month-long T20 World Cup played at six venues in the US and the Caribbean, will leave for Mumbai after spending time with the Prime Minister.

A 2 kilometer long Vijay Parade will be organised
After returning from Delhi, the Indian team will start a 2 km Vijay Yatra from the National Centre for Performing Arts (NPCA) to the Wankhede Stadium at 5 pm IST. Like after winning the first T20 World Cup in 2007, the entire team will take out a Vijay Parade in an open-top bus to celebrate. There will be a small ceremony for the Indian team upon reaching the stadium.

The T20 World Cup celebration schedule of the Indian team is as follows:-
Team India will reach Delhi on Thursday morning at 6:00 am. After this, they will have breakfast with PM Modi at 11 am. After meeting the PM, Team India will leave for Mumbai where a Vijay Parade will be taken out for 2 km. It will start from NPCA to Wankhede Stadium at 5 pm. After the Vijay Parade, a small program will be organized at Wankhede Stadium.

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