Title and good news… India became the country with the most wins in T20 World Cup

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New Delhi. Team India has achieved the distinction of becoming the T20 World Cup 2024 champion by defeating South Africa (IND vs SA) by 7 runs in the final match that was thrilling till the last moment. This is Team India's second T20 World Cup title win after becoming the champion in the first tournament in 2007. With this, the team has equaled two-time winners West Indies and England. In this World Cup jointly hosted by West Indies and America, the Indian team performed brilliantly and captured the trophy while remaining undefeated. Indian players dominated in all three areas of batting, bowling and fielding.

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In batting, captain Rohit Sharma (257 runs), Suryakumar Yadav (199 runs) and Rishabh Pant (171 runs) were the main scorers of the team. In bowling, Arshdeep Singh (17 wickets), Jaspreet Bumrah (15 wickets) and Kuldeep Yadav (10 wickets) showed amazing performance, while Hardik Pandya (144 runs and 11 wickets) became the support of the team in every difficult time with his all-round performance. In fielding, in the match against Australia, Akshar Patel took a brilliant catch of Mitchell Marsh. The catch of David Miller taken very close to the boundary rope by Suryakumar Yadav in the final is considered to be the turning point of the match.

Rohit Sharma top-scored for India with 257 runs in the T20 World Cup 2024. (X/BCCI)

India has won the most matches in T20 World Cup
T20 World Cup 2024 brought another good news for the 'Rohit Sharma Brigade' with the title win. The number one Indian team in the T20 rankings has now become the team that has won the most matches in the T20 World Cup. The Indian team has played 52 matches in 9 T20 World Cups. Of these, the team has won 35 while it has lost 15. One match was tied while one had no result (success percentage 69.60). Let us tell you, in the 2007 World Cup, Team India won the tied match against Pakistan in 'Ball Out'. Till the 2022 World Cup, Sri Lanka was the number 1 team with 31 wins in 51 matches, but this time the team was able to win only one match in four matches and could not even make it to the Super 8.

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South Africa and Sri Lanka are in second place

South Africa's team reached the T20 World Cup final for the first time but could not become champion- AP

Sri Lanka is in second place with South Africa with 32 wins each. However, during this period, Sri Lanka has played 4 more matches than South Africa. The runner-up of this World Cup, South African team, has played 49 matches and won 32 while lost 16. One match did not result in any result (success percentage 66.66%). On the other hand, Sri Lanka has won 32 out of 54 matches and lost 21. One of its matches was a tie (success percentage 60.18).

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Australia and Pakistan win 30-30
One-time champions Australia and Pakistan are jointly third in terms of winning the T20 World Cup. Both have won 30 matches each in this important tournament. Pakistan has won 30 out of 51 matches, lost 19 while two were tied (success percentage 60.78). Australia has won 30 out of 47 matches and lost 17 (success percentage 63.82). This time the Australian team could not reach the semi-finals in the tournament. Pakistan could not even make it to the Super 8.

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Two-time champions Indies and England lagged behind
Although the West Indies and England teams have become T20 World Cup champions twice, but in terms of wins they are behind South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia and Pakistan. The West Indies team has played 46 matches, out of which it has won 24 and lost 20. One match was tied and one was inconclusive. Similarly, the England team has played 52 matches, out of which it has won 28 and lost 22. Two matches of the English team were inconclusive. The West Indies team could not make it to the semi-finals this time, while England had to face defeat at the hands of India in the semi-finals.

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Afghanistan surprised everyone this time by winning 5 matches
Talking about the other 5 full member countries of ICC, New Zealand's performance was very poor this time and the team could not even make it to the Super 8. The Kiwi team has played 46 matches in the T20 World Cup so far, out of which it has won 25 and lost 19. Two matches were tied (success 56.52%). In this World Cup, the team had to face defeat in two of its four matches. Afghanistan, which has been a part of the tournament since 2010, has surprised everyone by reaching the semi-finals this time. The Afghan team won 12 out of 30 matches while lost 18 (success percentage 40). Bangladesh has won 12 out of 45 matches while lost 32, one match did not result (success 27.27%). The Ireland team, which has been playing the tournament since 2009, has won 7 out of 28 matches and lost 18. Three matches were inconclusive. The Zimbabwe team was not a part of the 2024 World Cup. The Zimbabwe team, which has been participating in this tournament since 2007, has played 20 matches so far, out of which the team has won 8, lost 11 and one match was inconclusive.

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Overall performance of other teams in T20 World Cup
Canada : Played 3 matches, won 1, lost 2
Hong Kong : Played 6 matches, won 1, lost 5
Kenya: played 2 matches, lost 2
Namibia : Played 15 matches, won 4, lost 10, one tie
Nepal: Played 6 matches, won 2, lost 4
Netherlands : Played 27 matches, won 10, lost 16, one inconclusive
Oman: Played 10 matches, won 2, lost 6, one tied and one inconclusive
Papua New Guinea : Played 7 matches, lost 7
Scotland : Played 22 matches, won 7, lost 13, two were inconclusive
Uganda : Played 4 matches, won 1, lost 3
United Arab Emirates: Played 6 matches, won 1, lost 5
America : Played 6 matches, won 1, lost 1, tied 1(Pakistan lost this match in Super Over).

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