VIDEO: Veterans got angry on comparison of Babar with Virat, made fun of Pakistani team, said- players have come for holidays

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New Delhi. Former Pakistani cricketers are very angry after their team lost to America. Danish Kaneria is so angry that he called the Pakistan cricket team a joke. Kaneria said that the Pakistan team is not serious about the T20 World Cup and it seems that the players have come to celebrate holidays with their families. India and Pakistan are to play a match in the T20 World Cup today on 9 June. This match is a do or die situation for Pakistan which has already lost to America.

Former leg-spinner Danish Kaneria also called the comparison between Babar Azam and Virat Kohli ridiculous. He said, 'People talk a lot about Babar Azam. As soon as he scores a century, people start comparing him with Virat Kohli. Hey brother, he is not even equal to Virat's shoes. The American bowlers kept him (Babar Azam) trapped.'

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Danish Kaneria said that Babar Azam could not score runs against America. Somehow he scored 40-44 runs and then left. Pakistan should have won this match in a one-sided manner. It is true that Pakistan has won the World Cup. There are many legends in Pakistan. But when you play like this, it feels very bad.

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