Truck drivers stop at this dhaba in Murthal and taste lassi and parathas.

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India has always been known for delicious dishes. This is the reason why tourists from all over the world come here to taste the delicious dishes. Not only the restaurants and street food of India, but also the dhaba culture is popular. During road trips, many small and big dhabas can be seen on the highway. Most people prefer to eat at dhabas rather than these restaurants.

The experience of cooking food in local style and eating it sitting on a cot is something else. There are many dhabas in India, which are very popular. Here we are telling you about a dhaba which is a boon for truck divers. Not only this, now even travelers passing through the highway do not return without eating food from this dhaba. If you ever go to Murthal then definitely visit this dhaba. So let us know what is so special about this dhaba.

where is this restaurant

If you take the highway to reach Murthal, you will see this dhaba. This dhaba was established in 1956 by Sardar Prakash Singh. This dhaba was started with the aim of meeting the needs of truck drivers. Therefore, many innovations were made in it since 1967. In which the daily needs of the truck drivers, from food to drinks, were also taken care of. Now it is being looked after by his sons Amrik Singh and Sukhdev Singh. Therefore, the dhaba has also been named after both the sons.

The menu is also good

You must have seen many dhabas. But you must be wondering what is so special about this dhaba. Initially, along with dal, rice, roti, vegetables, three types of parathas like potato, onion and potato onion mix parathas were served here. Apart from this, customers had to eat food sitting on cots. After a few years, the menu expanded to include North and South Indian cuisine. Now here you can order from Continental food to North Indian, South Indian food also.

Where did the idea come from?

Where did the idea come from?

We all know how complicated the lives of truck divers are. They do not even get to stay at home and eat for many days. At that time, there were no good places on the outskirts of Delhi where truck divers could rest or eat something good and healthy. For them, dhabas meant unhealthy food and living in dilapidated huts.

So with a new idea a dhaba was set up on the Murthal Highway, so that truck divers could stop here to refresh themselves and take rest. Here innovations were made according to the needs of the drivers. Let us tell you that Prakash Singh was the first person who built a private and organized bathroom for the driver. It became a place where weary truck drivers could enjoy a luxury bath. (indicative photo)

Desi Dhaba provides family atmosphere

Desi Dhaba provides family atmosphere

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, located on GT Road, has become a one-stop destination for truck divers as well as travelers passing through. This restaurant not only serves delicious dishes to its customers but also gives them freshness and a family atmosphere. Located on NH1, this dhaba is a great place to have a great meal with your family and friends.

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