Trailer of 'Munjya': Amidst the terror, the evil devil returns to take Munni, people said – this is the next level

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The makers of 'Stree' recently released the teaser of 'Munjya', which got a very good response and now its trailer has been released, which you will really like. Like 'Stree', 'Munjya' is going to have a tadka of comedy along with horror. But the twist is that this time no actor has been made a ghost to scare people, but an actor has been created with CGI. After watching the trailer, people are also praising Munjya and they say that such films and stories should be supported. The acting of Sharvari Wagh and Mona Singh is also being praised in the trailer. 'Munjya' also has Kattappa i.e. Satyaraj, who is playing the role of a ghost chaser. Fans are also surprised to see him.

This is what people said after watching the trailer of 'Munjya'

After watching the trailer of the film, people's curiosity has increased and they are sharing their reactions on social media. Some called the trailer of 'Munjya' next level, while some praised the story and dialogues. People are now waiting for 'Munjya' to come on the big screen. Read people's comments here:

'Munjaya' teaser: 'Stree' fame Dinesh Vijan is bringing a scary horror-comedy, in which the hero is the villain and the villain is the hero!

In the picture

What's in the trailer of 'Munjya'?

The trailer of Munjya starts with a cursed place named Chettukawadi. The place is cursed because of Munjya and the tree under which his ashes were buried is also cursed. Munjya wanted to marry Munni, a village girl whom he loved. But she died before that. Now Munjya returns to complete his incomplete love story. But will Munjya be able to fulfill his unfulfilled wish? It will be interesting to see. The trailer of 'Munjya' has a tremendous tadka of comedy along with horror and fear.

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Watch the trailer of 'Munjya':

'Munjya' will release on June 7

'Munjya' will be released in theatres on June 7. The film stars Mona Singh, Abhay Verma, Sathyaraj and Sharvari Wagh in lead roles. The film is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar.

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