This tree, fruits, flowers and bark are all beneficial for eye, mouth and stomach diseases.

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Vishal Bhatnagar/Meerut: Due to some bad habits, first of all our eyesight becomes weak. In today's lifestyle, most of the stress falls on our delicate eyes. For this, doctors recommend wearing glasses. But, even today, if we talk about Ayurvedic method, there are many such medicinal trees and plants on earth, through which various diseases can be cured. A similar mention is also found about the Bakayan tree (Health Benefits of Bakayan Tree). Along with improving eyesight, it is also considered very helpful in curing various types of diseases.

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Professor, Head of the Department of Botany and expert in Ayurvedic plants, running in the Chaudhary Charan Singh University campus, who has been continuously teaching medicinal plants and Botany to undergraduate and postgraduate students for the last 25 years. Vijay Malik tells that the Bakayan tree also belongs to the Neem species. Like Neem tree is beneficial for the treatment of diseases. Similar is the Benefits of Chinaberry Tree. Its flowers, fruits and bark are also used to cure many types of diseases. He tells that if any person has any problem in the skin related to fungus. So he can apply the paste of leaves on that place. It helps in healing that fungal wound by curing the infection.

These problems also have solutions

1- It is seen that many elderly people are troubled by the pain of arthritis. In such a situation, if the paste of the leaves is ground and applied on the painful area, it provides a lot of relief.

2- Many times it is seen that the complaint of fever persists even after taking medicine. In such a situation, using a decoction made from the bark of this tree and basil leaves provides relief.

3- The leaves of this tree are also considered very useful for eyesight. If it is ground and its extract is used in the eyes on the advice of Ayurveda expert, it also improves eyesight.

4- Apart from the problem of mouth ulcers, it is also used to cure various types of diseases including stomach ache, joint pain.

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