This route will be good for Vaishno Devi by car from Delhi, you will reach there between 7 am to 7 pm

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The journey from Katra to Mata Vaishno Devi is the most famous in the whole world, which is a matter of great pride for any country. If you have visited this pilgrimage site, then you must be aware of the entire route. If you do not know, then let us tell you, the first stop is Ban Ganga, which is one and a half to two kilometers away from Katra. From there, a journey of 13 kilometers begins, which will take you to the holy cave i.e. Bhawan. There you will get the privilege of seeing Mata Vaishno Devi.
Well, we have told you this route, but do you know about the Delhi to Vaishno Devi route? People who travel by car often do not know about some good routes and today we are going to tell you about those better routes through this article.

How to reach Vaishno Devi from Delhi?

This road trip from Delhi to Katra is truly memorable! Whether you travel by your own vehicle or take a car, bus or taxi service from Delhi to Katra, there are always memorable moments associated with it. If you leave from Delhi on NH 44 and NH 1A, you will also get to see beautiful views on the way. Let us tell you, cities like Karnal, Ludhiana, Pathankot and Jammu fall on the way. If you get tired, you can stay for a night in Chandigarh or Ludhiana on the way and continue the journey comfortably. Overall, the journey from Delhi to Vaishno Devi is about 650 kilometers. There is a 12-kilometer walking path from Katra Base Camp to Mata Vaishno Devi Bhawan.

There are three ways to reach Vaishno Devi Bhawan

If you are planning to visit Mata Vaishno Devi, then this news is for you! Earlier, the 13 km route from Katra to the holy cave of Mata was a very difficult climb, but now this route has been made easier for the devotees. Keeping in mind the convenience of the devotees, new routes have also been opened, which has made it much easier for the devotees to visit Mata. Let us first know about the route.

First method: The first route is the old route, which was used by people in ancient times to visit the mother. This route is not paved and has only a few stairs. This route may seem a bit difficult due to many twists and turns. You will also find a lot of stones and mud on the way. This route is about 13 kilometers long. You will also find paved tiles while approaching the temple.

Second and third access road to the building

Second and third access road to the building

Second method: To make the journey a little easier, a new path has been built! This path is open 24 hours. The path leading to the temple building is 15 kilometers long and this is also the way to go in and out. The entire journey will be on a paved road, it is well lit even at night and there is also a roof on top.

Third method: This route is also new, the tarkot route has been reduced from a 13 km long climb to just 7 km. This route passes through a hill overlooking the city of Katra from above. On the way you will find many medical units, shops and resting places. The entire walk will be on a paved and non-slippery path, so that you will be able to walk comfortably and also enjoy the beautiful views around. Let us tell you, this new route has started recently.

How to reach Vaishno from Delhi?

How to reach Vaishno from Delhi?

by the road: Regular bus services run to Katra from major cities like Jammu, Katra and Udhampur. If you want to travel in comfort, private taxis and cars are also available on rent.

by train: The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi, which is well connected to major cities of India. From Jammu, you can either take a train to Katra or hire a taxi for further travel.

By plane: The nearest airport is Jammu Airport, about 50 km from Katra. Several domestic flights connect Jammu to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

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