Deepika Padukone shared pregnancy skin care tips, said- mother had told me these tips in my teenage

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Everyone is crazy about Deepika Padukone's beauty and if we talk about her pregnancy glow, then the glow of becoming a mother can be easily seen on her face. Although every woman has a different glow on her face in the joy of becoming a mother, but if you take proper care of your skin during this time, then it can be increased even more.

Recently, Deepika Padukone was asked some questions related to her skin care routine at an event, to which she had to answer with 'hit' and 'miss'. During this, she also shared a beauty tip given by her mother. It is important for every woman to take care of everything during pregnancy. So let us tell you the secret of this beauty's pregnancy glow and skin care. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @deepikapadukone)

Sleeping with makeup on

When Deepika was asked about sleeping with makeup on, she immediately replied, 'Miss, there is one thing, when I was little my mother used to say that no matter what you are doing or what is happening, no matter how tired you are, remember to remove your makeup.' So Deepika also suggests that one should remove makeup before sleeping.

Applying sunscreen frequently

Agreeing to the question of reapplying sunscreen, Deepika said that 'basically, just like you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, applying sunscreen is also as important.' So, do not forget to apply sunscreen two to three times a day.

Wash your mouth twice a day

Wash your mouth twice a day

The Dimple Queen answered yes to this question and said, 'The most important thing for me is that these things should be done simply and consistently.' Therefore, you should also wash your face at least twice a day. Even if you stay at home, follow these skin care tips.

CTM Rules

CTM Rules

CTM means Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. On this Deepika says, 'Yes to CTM rule, but we call it Clean, Hydrate and Protect, CHP.' Deepika follows this CHP rule and you can do it too.

Lip Oil

Lip Oil

Describing lip care as important, Deepika said, 'I think lip care is very important and along with that sunscreen is also important, which not only hydrates but also has a protective function.' So, if you have been ignoring your lip care till now, then start taking care of them from today itself.

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