This leaf is the father of medicine, controls blood pressure; get relief from headache

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Kailash Kumar/Bokaro. Durva (Doob) grass is considered sacred in Indian culture and Hindu religion. It has been used in worship rituals since ancient times. In such a situation, Dr. Rajesh Pathak, senior Ayurvedic doctor of Bokaro, has explained the beneficial benefits of Durva grass, through which you can keep yourself healthy.

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Dr. Rajesh Pathak told that Durva grass has a cooling effect. Its taste is astringent and slightly sweet. This is an effective medicine for problems both inside and outside the body.

In these cases, nothing less than medicine…
Bleeding : Children often get injured while playing or falling. In such a situation, applying the paste of Durva grass provides relief from the problem of bleeding, because the properties present in the paste of Durva grass help in stopping the blood and help in healing the injured area. For this, wash Durga grass thoroughly, chop it finely, then grind it in a mixer, mix it with light water, filter it through a sieve and apply the paste on the injured area, it will reduce bleeding.

Burning or itching in the body: Applying the paste of Durva grass provides relief from burning sensation and itching in the body, because the essence of Durva grass is cold. The medicinal properties present inside it cool the skin and relieve the problem of burning and itching.

Headache: Due to excessive pitta dosha, a person may suffer from headache. In such a situation, applying the paste of Durva grass on the head reduces headache, because the medicinal properties present in the juice provide relief to the muscles of the head and provide relief from headache.

Blood from nose: Some people have the problem of nose bleeding in summer. In this problem, putting two drops of Durva grass juice in the nose helps in reducing blood flow. The problem of nose bleeding goes away.

Dysuria: Some people have the problem of burning sensation while urinating. In such cases, consuming juice of Durva grass reduces burning sensation, because the antiviral properties present in Durva grass reduce burning sensation during urination and provides relief to the body.

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