This country's first long distance luxury train will run at a speed faster than a cheetah.

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New Delhi. The country's first long distance luxury train is getting ready to hit the tracks. Its speed can be estimated from the fact that it will run faster than a cheetah. Whose speed is 130 km. It happens per hour. The time for this train to land on the track is almost fixed. After this train starts operating, everyone will definitely feel like traveling once.

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Railways is continuously making changes for the convenience of passengers. From semi high speed train i.e. Vande Bharat to the common people's capital i.e. Amrit Bharat train, now another long distance luxury train i.e. sleeper Vande Bharat Express is getting ready to run on the track. According to the ministry, this train is also included in the 100 day plan. In this way, it can be assumed that this train will come on track by September and people will be able to complete long distance journeys conveniently by this train. According to Railways, Sleeper Vande Bharat will be run on those long routes where Rajdhani trains are running and take a lot of time to reach.

Construction of the train is going on at a fast pace.

There will be three categories like Rajdhani

According to a railway official, there will be 16 coaches in the sleeper Vande Bharat Express. Like Rajdhani, it will have third AC, second AC and first AC coaches. The designs of berth, air duct, cable duct, washroom will also be different from Rajdhani. The maximum speed of this train is 160 km. It will be per hour, so that long distances can be covered in less time.

This special tree is planted in New Delhi Railway Station, cost 25 lakhs, have you seen?

First class coach will have additional facilities

Just as there is a difference between chair car and executive class in Vande Bharat. Similarly, more facilities will be provided to the passengers in First AC as compared to Third and Second AC. It will have berths and cushions. Efforts are being made to provide facilities like flights to this category of passengers. Apart from this, the food and drinks in this will also be special as compared to other categories. Apart from this, the number of attendants in these coaches will also be more. Who will be immediately available to assist the passenger.

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