Airplane mode is not useful only in flight, it is useful in these 5 places also, the fourth use is like a miracle!

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi. Airplane mode available in mobile phones is useful during flights. After boarding the flight, you are asked to put the phone in airplane mode. In such a situation, most people know to use this mode especially in flight. But, let us tell you that airplane mode can be used in other ways. This one mode helps you in many ways. In such a situation, let us tell you how you can use airplane mode.

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battery saving
When you're in an area with poor cellular coverage or signal, your phone is constantly searching for networks, which can drain your battery quickly. Airplane mode stops this search, which saves battery life.

reducing distractions
Enabling Airplane Mode can help you concentrate on work without interruption from incoming calls, messages or notifications.

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in hospitals
Hospitals and other medical facilities require devices to be kept in airplane mode to prevent interference with sensitive equipment. Because, this mode is an easy and fast method.

To reset the network
Airplane mode disables Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, and other wireless communications on a device. Turning Airplane Mode on and off can help fix signal issues and improve reception.

in emergency situations
Batteries are very necessary in emergency situations. In such a situation, airplane mode can help in increasing the battery life. This will save you battery for making calls or using any app in emergency situations.

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