This city is being destroyed, the earth is slowly swallowing it, people are running away from their homes, the reason is shocking!

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This city is being destroyed, the earth is slowly swallowing it, people are running away from their homes, the reason is shocking!

The news of land subsidence in Joshimath, Uttarakhand had shocked everyone. Due to such incidents happening continuously, this city has also been declared a 'sinking zone'. But this is not the only city whose land is sinking. Today we are going to tell you about a city in Russia which is slowly sinking into the earth. The name of this city is Berezniki, which is situated on the Ural mountains. The total population of this city was more than 1 lakh 50 thousand. But the reason for its collapse is shocking.

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Let us tell you that it was built directly over a potash mine, which was common during the Soviet era. It was continuously excavated to extract potash. In such a situation, after years of excavation, deep pits were formed under the ground of the city, which were like a cave. The roofs of these huge underground caves rest on the walls and pillars of soluble salt. In such a situation, in 2006, a freshwater spring started flowing in the mine about 720 to 1,500 feet below the surface, which destroyed the salt walls and pillars. Due to this, the buildings built above the ground suddenly collapsed. Many parts of the city were affected due to this sinkhole. But the largest among them is “The Grandfather”, which is about four hundred meters wide and more than two hundred meters deep.

It is being estimated that due to this, the danger of the only rail line going to the potash mines being affected has also increased. Let us tell you that Berezniki is the city from where about ten percent of the world's potash is produced. Because of this people also have jobs. In such a situation, if these mines are closed then the local economy will suffer. However, many parts of the city have completely sunk into the ground, but now new technologies are being used to avoid this. The formation of sinkholes in Berezniki is predicted using high-tech equipment, including video surveillance systems, seismic sensors, regular surveys and satellite measurements of changes in the height of roofs, sidewalks and roads.

Plan to shift the city also

Due to subsidence of the land, the officials here and the companies engaged in mining are now talking about settling this city on the other bank of the Kama river flowing there, where the land is absolutely solid. But engineers have assured them that the era of sinkhole formation is over, and no new holes will be formed. Let us tell you that by the beginning of 2019, about 12,000 people have left Berezniki, while those who have decided to stay here are kept under strict surveillance.

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