This 40 year old beautiful actress is the most stylish actress of Pakistan, even Kareena and Alia pale in comparison to her beauty.

Ananya Shroff
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Do you remember Irrfan Khan's film 'Hindi Medium' released in 2017? The same film with which Pakistani actress Saba Qamar made her Bollywood debut. Now even though Saba did not appear in Bollywood again after this film, she often comes into the limelight due to her style. The beauty is counted among the most stylish actresses of Pakistan and she proves this every time with her look.

Saba is often seen in suits or sarees in Pakistani dramas, but today we are going to show you some stunning looks of this beauty. In which she leaves Bollywood girls behind with her style. Not only this, Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt also cannot compete with her beauty. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sabaqamarzaman)

seen giving off bossy vibes

Although Saba is 40 years old, but looking at her beauty and fitness, this cannot be guessed. She styles every look beautifully and wreaks havoc. Here she is seen giving bossy vibes in a black blazer and pants. In which she has completed her look by making a bun. This style of the beauty is quite killer.

Tops make a killer style

Here Saba is seen wearing a black coloured bralette and pants. In which there is a net design on the midriff area below the bralette. She is wearing matching gloves on her hands. She is wearing a chain style with a choker around her neck and is posing wearing glasses after making a sleek bun and tying her hair back. In the second look, she is posing in a tube top and shiny blazer. Which she has carried with wet hair and a choker.

Beautiful women in lehenga-choli

Beautiful women in lehenga-choli

Saba is seen wearing a black lehenga-choli here. The back of the blouse is designed with a bow style knot. At the same time, the abundance of flares in the lehenga has made its perimeter spectacular. With light wavy open hair and red lipstick on it, Saba is wreaking havoc with her style. Here her style is very killer.

Remained dominant in this look too

This look also dominated

This look of Saba is also very fabulous. She has paired a black tank top with a white blazer and high waist pants, which looks very classy. At the same time, black glasses on the eyes and big hoops in the ears are making her look even better. Here too, she has completed her look with a sleek bun.

looks amazing in every look

looks amazing in every look

Saba knows how to carry which clothes. In this way, she shines in every look. The stylish avatar of the actress is seen in a black skirt and blazer, while she also looks amazing in a yellow printed dress. Not only this, the beauty has made her all black look even more special with her hairstyle, which suits her very well.

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