Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Voter turnout less than 55% in 51 seats, who will lose?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The biggest festival of democracy is now coming to an end. Six phases of voting for the Lok Sabha elections have been completed. One phase of voting is remaining. The results will be out on June 4. The concern of political parties has increased since the figures of the fall in voting percentage have come out. Which party will suffer due to low voting? Discussions have intensified in the political corridors regarding this matter. Different claims are being made. Let us know what the figures are saying.

Total voting decreased in 3-4 states

The final figures of all five phases of the Lok Sabha elections show that the total voting in 3-4 states has decreased compared to earlier. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and Rajasthan are leading among these states. The Election Commission released the figures of the entire election on Saturday. According to this data, voting was less in many seats in Maharashtra too, but there was more voting in some other seats, which compensated for the decrease. Overall, this time there has been less voting in many Lok Sabha seats compared to the 2019 elections.

We are disappointed by the drop in voting percentage in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra. We had expected much better voting figures in these states, but that did not happen, which has affected the overall voting percentage. A thorough investigation will be conducted to understand the reasons for this drop.

Election Commission official told our sister organisation ET

According to the data, 51 constituencies recorded less than 55% polling, which is lower than the 30 seats that recorded similar polling in 2019. This information can be seen in the graphic. Uttar Pradesh recorded 57.95% polling, down from 60.64% in 2019. Bihar recorded 56.88% polling, down from 59.07% in 2019. Gujarat recorded 64.5% polling in 2019, which has dropped to 60.13% in 2024. Rajasthan has also seen a significant drop in polling.

From Bihar to Jammu and Kashmir, where and how many votes were cast?

Bihar's Nawada recorded the lowest voter turnout of 43.1%, followed by Rajasthan's Karauli-Dholpur with 49.5%. Ghaziabad and Mathura in Uttar Pradesh also recorded around 49% votes. Srinagar and Hyderabad recorded 38.5% and 48.4% voting respectively, which is much better than the 2019 elections. In fact, this time the voting percentage has been higher in both Jammu and Kashmir and Telangana. If we look at the areas with less than 60% voting, this figure is even more significant. There were 80 such areas in 2019, while in 2024 this number has increased to 123. In this too, Uttar Pradesh is at the forefront, followed by Bihar, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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