These things are common in children who are always happy, they always have a smile on their face.

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All children are different, some are always happy, while others are sad or quiet. However, everyone loves children who are always happy and everyone wants their child to always be happy and smiling.

If you also want to see your child happy, then for this you will have to develop some habits in him. Today we are going to tell you which habits are common in happy children and which habits you should focus on developing in your children so that they remain happy.

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with you every step of the way

Children who are close to their parents feel more secure. These children are happy and are able to share their thoughts openly with their parents. Children who feel safe with their parents are able to understand their surroundings better and their social skills develop better.
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positive attitude of parents

Parents who raise their children in a positive way often have happy children. These children are healthier than other children and have more self-confidence. If you want your child to be happy, you should praise him and reward him for doing good work.

quality time with family

quality time with family

Spending quality time with family such as playing games, walking, eating together, talking, etc. also plays an important role in a child's happiness. A study in the Journal of Family Psychology found that people who regularly engage in family activities have higher levels of social security and happiness.
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Give them a chance to play

Give them a chance to play

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should give your children enough time to play. This also helps children learn to express themselves. They also develop problem solving skills and their energy is used in the right direction.

Special attention to balanced diet

Pay special attention to a balanced diet

Eating right not only keeps you physically healthy but also makes you mentally and emotionally strong. Children who eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains have a good mood and better intellectual development. Proper nutrition leads to better overall health and children also feel happy from within.

If you also want your child to be happy and progress, then you should create such an environment for him where he feels happy. Parents lay the foundation for the happy life of children, so you should start working in this direction from now on.

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