Taiwan retaliated and drove off Chinese coast guard vessels near Matsu, Kinmen

Ronit Kawale
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As Chinese ships entered restricted waters around Taiwan on Thursday, the Taiwanese coast guard diverted China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels and dispatched patrol boats to collect evidence, reports Focus Taiwan.

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This happened after Chinese ships entered restricted waters around the Taiwan-controlled outlying islands of Dongyin in Matsu and Wuqiu in Kinmen on Thursday morning.

In a statement, the China Coast Guard Administration (CGA) said the China Coast Guard vessels with hull numbers “14607” and “14509” collided with China Coast Guard vessel “14517” with hull numbers “14517” at 7:48 a.m. in the restricted waters of Dongyin, Taiwan. I entered. With hull numbers “14607” and “14509”. Did. On the outer circumference.

The CGA monitored the situation and dispatched patrol boats PP-3586, PP-3571 and PP-10037 to collect evidence, issue warnings and drive away the vessels.

Subsequently, the China Coast Guard ships left the restricted waters at 8:53 a.m., according to Focus Taiwan.

Additionally, the CGA observed China Coast Guard Ships “14606” and “14506” entering the restricted waters off Wuqiu, Kinmen on Thursday morning, which were surrounded by China Coast Guard Ship “14502” on the outer perimeter.

The coast guard immediately dispatched patrol boats PP-10039 from Kinmen and PP-10035 from Taichung to respond. The China Coast Guard ships left Wuqiu at 8:45 a.m.

According to the CGA, China coast guard ships deliberately entered the waters surrounding the outlying islands seven times in May, affecting maritime security and disrupting peace and stability, reports Focus Taiwan.

It also said that these actions are not conducive to similar cross-Strait exchanges.

The CGA urged China to exercise restraint and immediately stop these irrational actions, adding that it will firmly safeguard Taiwan's national sovereignty and security.

In particular, the area has restricted and prohibited water limits that were set by Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense in 1992.

According to the CGA, “prohibited waters” means territorial waters. “Restricted waters” means a contiguous area designated by States to enhance their law enforcement capacity in waters immediately outside their territorial sea.

Currently, the prohibited zone around the main islands of Kinmen and Little Kinmen extends about four kilometers to the east, about eight kilometers to the south, and about half to the coast of China in the north and north-east.

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