These flower petals are very useful, keep the heart fit, also drives away the tension of life.

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Vishal Bhatnagar/Meerut: There are many such trees and plants in nature which also have very beautifully shaped flowers. Which people like a lot. Among these, everyone likes the rose variety. That's why people use rose flowers to express love. On the other hand, if we talk about Ayurvedic point of view, then this flower is also considered very useful. It cures various types of diseases and gives the message of happiness.

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Professor Vijay Malik, Head of the Department of Botany and expert in Ayurvedic plants, who has been continuously teaching students about medicine and plants for the last 25 years in Chaudhary Charan Singh University, said that rose is considered very important in Ayurveda. He said that from rose flowers we get rose water and gulkand. He says that if we start using Gulkand, then various types of heart related problems are being seen in the present time. That will provide a lot of relief. Because of the medicinal properties found in it to keep the heart healthy. They are very useful. Drying its petals and using it in powder form also provides relief from problems like depression.

Rose also helps in boosting immunity
According to Professor Vijay Malik, Vitamin C is available in abundance in rose flowers. In such a situation, if you feel weakness in your body. Or they start falling ill frequently. So rose flower can prove to be very useful for all such people also. He will include rose petals in his diet. So it will be an immunity booster. The body's resistance to fighting diseases will increase. This will also provide relief from diseases. Along with this, it also removes various stomach related diseases and facial blemishes. Let us tell you that rose petals are also used in various types of medicines.

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