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Ramkumar Nayak/Raipur: Saving is called future happiness. That means saving is very important and necessary in the life of every person. People adopt various methods for saving. In earlier times, people used to save by depositing coins or notes in piggy bank, today the times have changed. People want to save in places where there is security and profit. If you are also looking for a means to save, then you can save for a better future by opening a savings account in the post office of the Indian Postal Department. Today we are going to tell you how to open a savings account in the post office and what documents need to be given.

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Post Office Scheme is a means of safe investment and guaranteed returns. In this, people of every income and age group can invest in the schemes available for savings and investment. You can also open a savings account with the post office. On this you get exactly the same facilities as a bank account. Any adult or minor can open this account. There is no limit on depositing money in this and you also get tax exemption up to Rs 10,000 on it. You get 4 percent annual interest on this account. In comparison to any bank account, you have to pay very less charges for the facilities of Post Office Savings Account.

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Ganpat Patel, Deputy Postmaster of the Indian Postal Department, said that to open a savings account in the post office, ID proof, address proof and three photographs are required. PAN card, Voter ID card, Ration card can be given as ID proof. At the same time, Aadhar card and Voter ID card can be given for address proof. A form is also filled to open an account. The form will be available in the post office. There is no need to pay any amount in the form, that is, you will get the form for free. While opening a savings account, at least Rs 500 has to be deposited in the account. You can deposit as much money as you want above Rs 500. There are many private banks in the country but the post office has the largest network in India. The network of post offices is spread not only in the city but also in every rural area. Therefore, the common man gets the facility to withdraw money through the postman sitting at home. By opening a savings account in the post office, there is no need to worry about going far away from the village to the city to withdraw money.

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