There is only this relation between brain stroke and heat stroke, take the patient to such hospital for treatment

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In extreme heat, along with water deficiency, sodium deficiency also occurs in the body. Water is essential, sodium also fulfills many needs of our body. Current also plays an important role in our brain. Not only this, sodium also controls the distribution of the right amount of water between blood and cells. This also maintains the balance of hydration and electrolyte in the body.

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Director and Professor of Neurosurgery, GB Pant Hospital Dr. Daljit Singh According to him, it helps in sending messages from the brain to the body parts and bringing them back. The brain forms circuits to remember and work on everything. Water and sodium (usually we get this from vegetables, salads, dry fruits and salt etc.) also play an important role in forming these circuits. This is the reason why their deficiency increases problems.

If someone suddenly faints, these could be the reasons

  • brain stroke: loss of blood supply to the brain
  • Take sugar: If the sugar level suddenly drops, unconsciousness may occur. (In such a situation, if the person has a prescription which states that he has low sugar level or if he does not have low sugar level and is conscious, then he should be given a mixture of salt, sugar and water. This increases the chances of immediate recovery.)
  • Sodium deficiency: Low sodium levels in the elderly can cause fainting.
  • heat stroke: Due to extreme heat i.e. heat wave, it is seen more in children.
  • Fit or Tour: We can call this a symptom of epilepsy.

What is the difference between heat stroke and brain stroke?

Both these problems cause stroke. Even though some of the symptoms of both are similar, people consider them to be related to each other, but it is not so. Both types of problems can have symptoms like dizziness, unconsciousness and coma. Due to heat stroke, the body temperature increases a lot, which affects the brain. Whereas brain stroke occurs due to obstruction or bleeding in the blood supply to the brain.

heat stroke

heat stroke (1)

In heat stroke, the body temperature increases due to heat. This also affects the functioning of the brain and many symptoms appear. The body temperature can sometimes go up to 104-107 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the person becomes unconscious. In such a situation, a bandage of pot water or normal water should be placed on the forehead and both the armpits. Extremely cold water should be avoided.

The nerves of the body, i.e. neuron cells, need the right temperature (97 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit) to function properly. If the temperature is lower or higher than this, they cannot function properly.

brain stroke

brain hemorrhage skull brain trauma bleeding

In simple words, brain stroke is the stoppage of blood supply to the brain due to any reason. Paralysis due to brain stroke is very common. In simple words, if brain stroke is the cause then paralysis is the result of that problem. Actually, there can be many reasons for brain stroke. Such as: narrowing of blood vessels, excessive increase in blood pressure, injury etc. are also its causes.

If due to any of these reasons, the blood supply to the brain is obstructed or a vein in the brain bursts, then it is a condition of brain stroke. If the stroke is not serious, then the effect of paralysis is less.

There are two types of brain stroke

Brain injury (1)

1. Ischemic stroke: When there is a blockage in a blood vessel.
2. Hemorrhagic stroke: When a blood vessel bursts.

Why does a brain stroke happen?
1. High blood pressure
2. Smoking
3. High cholesterol
4. Sugar
5. By consuming alcohol and other intoxicants.

These could be symptoms of a stroke

headache mental health

Stroke can be called an emergency situation in the body. Just as an emergency situation arises suddenly and alarm starts ringing, similarly the following things start happening when a stroke occurs:

  • Feeling very weak in one part of the body or that part stops working completely
  • Sudden loss of consciousness
  • Having a very severe headache. The pain becomes so unbearable that it seems like the head will explode due to the pain
  • Slurred speech and slurred speech. Difficulty speaking complete sentences or pronouncing many words clearly
  • Darkness in front of the eyes, not being able to see things on one side (field cut) due to which repeatedly colliding with nearby objects while walking.

How to recognize a concussion: Act quickly

Facial paralysis

Many types of formulas are adopted to confirm a brain stroke attack, one of them is BE FAST. If the patient is unconscious, then adopting this formula as soon as he regains consciousness can confirm the suspicion and save the patient's time.

  1. balance: Due to brain stroke, people suddenly lose their balance. The patient starts stumbling while walking. In such a situation, ask the patient to walk a few steps.
  2. eyes: Vision may be blurred. Therefore, to check the patient's eyesight, you can ask the patient to count the fingers on his hands from a distance of 5 to 7 steps.
  3. face: Paralysis also affects the face. In this, the face hangs on one side or both sides. So ask the patient to smile.
  4. Weapon: Ask the patient to raise both hands. The purpose of this is to see if any hand seems weak.
  5. speech: The patient should not have any problem in speaking. Ask him to speak a sentence. Generally after a stroke, the tongue gets twisted which causes difficulty in speaking. You can also check by opening the patient's mouth.
  6. Time: If one or more of the above symptoms appear, you should immediately take the patient to the hospital. 3 hours is the best hour. You can also call the emergency number 112 or 108.

Brain stroke is possible due to heat stroke


Due to extreme heat, there can be a lack of water in the body, i.e. dehydration can occur. This makes the blood thicker than normal. When thick blood reaches the brain, sometimes the right amount of blood is not able to reach every corner of the brain. Then in case of severe dehydration, brain stroke can occur.

Changes in the blood vessels

high blood pressure

When the temperature is too high, the body's own thermostat organ, the hypothalamus (it is present in the brain and controls the body temperature), is not able to function properly. In other words, the auto system that controls the body temperature fails. After this, the blood vessels expand due to excessive heat. When this happens, more blood than required starts reaching the brain. This can cause thin blood vessels (capillaries) to burst. Brain hemorrhage is also possible due to this.

If you have a brain stroke, take you here immediately…

CT scan

The point to be noted here is that after a stroke, one should only go to a hospital where MRI/CT facilities are available. However, an MRI machine is better. In this too, a 3 Tesla machine gives a more detailed report. If there is a 1.5 Tesla machine, then the work is done. In most places, only 1.5 Tesla machines are used.

What is the benefit of golden hour?

Emergency Board Hospital

In case of brain stroke, the first 1 to 3 hours are considered very important. If a blood clot has formed due to brain stroke or there is a blockage in the blood vessels and the patient's treatment is started within 3 hours, then the condition of paralysis can be prevented from becoming serious. However, due to new technology, even 6 to 8 hours old cases of stroke can be cured. But the effort should be that the sooner the treatment is received, the better it is.

Do these things to avoid brain stroke

brain damage brain hemorrhage
  1. physical activity
  2. Walk for 45 minutes every day. This is very important. Elderly people must walk.
  3. Choose an outdoor game of your choice and play it. Since it is summer and the sun is strong, go out to play only before 9 am and after 5 pm.
  4. Exercise for 20 to 25 minutes every day.
  5. Keep these things in mind while eating
  6. Avoid eating too many dry fruits. Do not eat more than a handful of dry fruits in a day. Take special care of this in summer.
  7. Avoid eating too much fatty and too much sweet foods.
  8. Eat 1 to 2 fruits daily.
  9. Make sure you get enough sleep
  10. Our body gets completely cleansed during sleep. The brain's glymphatic system (which removes harmful substances formed in the brain) works only during sleep, that is, the waste substances of the brain get eliminated during this time. It can also be called a kind of kidney of the brain.
  11. Growth hormones are secreted during sleep in children.
  12. Every person should sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more information.

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