How did 67 students become toppers in NEET-UG exam this time? Know what the experts said when questions were raised on the result

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New Delhi: Students, parents, coaching centres and opposition parties have raised questions about the result of the medical entrance exam NEET-UG. When the exam was held on May 5 last month, the allegations of paper leak created a stir in the whole country. The National Testing Agency (NTA) had clarified that no paper was leaked. But now after a month when the NEET result has come, there is a possibility of tampering in the result. Congress has even demanded an investigation under the supervision of the Supreme Court, alleging rigging in the exam. Know with NBT what are the allegations and what NTA has to say on this.

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Allegation 1: Till now only a few students used to get perfect marks. In the last five years, there have never been more than three toppers. Every time there used to be only one or three toppers, so how did 67 candidates get 720 marks this time?

NTA: Out of 67, there are 17 candidates who have got 720 marks just like they used to get earlier. That is, the numbers which used to be 1, 2 or 3 earlier, are 17 this time. Another reason behind having more toppers is that this time the maximum number of 23.33 lakh candidates appeared in the examination, while the paper was also easy. Out of 67 toppers, there were 44 students who were successful in getting 720 marks because of a question in Physics. Actually, the answer to this question was different in the old NCERT book and different in the new edition. We received 13373 challenges regarding this question, after which both the options had to be considered correct and the students who chose one of the two options got full marks for this question.

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Allegation 2: How can 6 candidates from the same exam centre become toppers? Is there any irregularity in this?

At many centres, students did not get enough time for the exam. After this, some students of those centres filed petitions in the Punjab and Haryana, Delhi and Chhattisgarh High Courts complaining about wasting time in the exam. We formed a high-level committee and after the committee's recommendation, 1563 students were given grace marks. 6 students of the same examination centre have got grace marks, whose marks were already very high.

Allegation 3: Was the 2024 paper really easy? Why did this happen?

NTA: Yes, this year's paper was the easiest in the last five years. This can be gauged from the fact that this time the minimum qualifying score for the general category was 164, which was 137, 117, 138 and 147 in the previous years. This year the average marks out of 720 were 323.55, in 2020 it was 297.18.

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Allegation 4: How can students get 718 and 719 marks, when four marks are given for each question and one mark is negatively marked for every wrong answer?

NTA: Due to grace marks two students have marks 718 and 719. Students have got different grace marks due to normalization formula.

Allegation 5: Why was there a hurry to declare NEET results on June 4, the day of election results, before the announced date of June 14?

NTA: For the first time from this year, NTA has started announcing the result date of every exam in the information bulletin. As per NTA protocol, the result should be declared as soon as possible. The result comes soon after the answer key challenge process is completed. When the NEET result was ready, there was no point in postponing it for ten days.

What do the experts say?

Experts have different opinions on the result. Well-known career counselor Alok Bansal says that the way questions are being raised on the NEET result, it definitely creates doubts. In such a situation, there should be an impartial investigation to remove any doubt. He says that students do not seem satisfied with the answers given by NTA. It would be good if an investigation is done. At the same time, an expert also said that there is no doubt that the paper was easy, which also benefited the students of rural areas. Coaching centers are also creating a lot of ruckus for their own benefit.

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