There is going to be a change in the qualification required for teacher recruitment, teachers will be reinstated on this basis! Know what is the plan

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Government Teacher Eligibility: If you are studying day and night to become a government teacher and you think that you will become a government teacher in the coming years, then perhaps all this will become like a dream in a few years. A recent local media report has stated that the eligibility criteria for teacher recruitment will change in six years. After which all types of teachers will be selected on the basis of 4-year (ITEP) i.e. Integrated Teacher Education Program. Under which there is a four-year B.Ed course after 12th. Not only this, all types of D.El.Ed courses can also end by the year 2027-28.

Government teacher eligibility: D.El.Ed course may be abolished

The report also said that this year i.e. the session of 2024-25 may be the last session for the teacher training course. After this, a plan is being made to gradually end all types of D.El.Ed. courses. Let us tell you that many other states including Jharkhand have already ended teacher training programs like D.El.Ed. Now these changes can happen in other states soon. Work is being done with complete planning for this.

Along with ending the D.El.Ed. course, emphasis is also being laid on increasing the number of DIET candidates in many states across the country. Apart from this, the process of making many other types of education training plans has also started. All educational institutions will have to develop institutions on the standards set by UGC in the coming six years i.e. by 2030. At the same time, the recognition of two-year B.Ed. degree after graduation in teacher recruitment will continue for the time being. No change will be made in this. Apart from this, under the new education policy, it is being considered to start a one-year B.Ed. degree course for candidates doing four-year graduation or MA.

In this way, it is expected that in the coming years, there will be very few job opportunities in teacher recruitment for candidates doing D.El.Ed. course. Apart from this, candidates who are on diet will be given priority. However, no official information has been given by the government in this regard yet. Therefore, it is important that if you are preparing to become a government teacher, then keep these important changes in mind.

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