Then BJP government or Congress, Phalodi satta bazaar told everything

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New Delhi : As the date of Lok Sabha election results is coming closer, the estimated betting estimates of Rajasthan's famous Phalodi betting market have attracted people's attention. Voting for 5 phases of Lok Sabha elections has been completed. Voting for the remaining two phases will be held on May 25 and June 1. Now speculations are rife about which party will gain majority and form the next government at the Centre. Phalodi betting market has a history of accurate predictions. Be it elections, cricket matches or weather forecasting.

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How many seats will BJP get?

The betting market is talking about the strong performance of BJP. The betting market estimates that they will win around 300 seats by May 13, 2024. In contrast, Congress is projected to get only 40-42 seats. This is less than the 52 seats won in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The remaining seats are expected to be distributed among other parties. If these predictions come true then it will strengthen the accuracy of the assessment of Phalodi satta market.

BJP will not get 370 seats, a senior leader of the party predicted, the equations changed only after the fourth phase.

How will the situation be in UP?

Despite the low voting percentage in Uttar Pradesh, BJP is still expected to win 62 to 65 seats out of 80. At the national level, the betting market estimates that BJP will get 280 to 290 seats. Whereas Congress can win 70 to 85 seats. Media reports and Phalodi Satta Bazaar indicate that BJP aims to capture all 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP. Overall there is confidence of winning 335 to 340 seats. Due to increase in voting percentage in the last phase, BJP's number of seats may increase to 30-35 seats.

Who benefits from less voting? Market experts do not need to read much into the voting percentage.

How were the previous predictions?

Before the Lok Sabha elections, BJP had claimed that it would win more than 400 seats. This time, one of the reasons for the claim of crossing Rs 400 was the construction of Ram temple. However, even at that time Phalodi satta bazaar had predicted that BJP would get around 320 seats.

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Accuracy of Phalodi Satta Bazar

Phalodi betting market is famous for its accurate predictions. As the day of election results approaches, activities in the betting market have intensified. This gives initial indications of possible government formation. Phalodi betting market is a long established betting market. This is where bets are placed on various events including all Lok Sabha seats during elections.

Current market rate in Phalodi

  • BJP : 316-319 seats
  • 300 seats: 30-37 paise
  • 310 seat: 55-65 paise
  • 320 seats: 110-160 paise
  • 325 seat: 150-225 paise
  • Congress: 45-47 seats
  • 35 seats: 28-35 paise
  • 40 seats: 35-45 paise
  • 50 seats: 130-200 paise

Changing Prices and Market Dynamics

Betting rates in the satta market fluctuate depending on a number of factors including candidate popularity, campaign rallies and party strength. The current rates reflect the scenario after five phases of voting, with two more phases remaining. These rates may change as the election progresses. Betting rates are influenced by the candidate's probability of victory or defeat, his or her public image, support seen at election rallies, party position and caste-based support.

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