Seeing Vicky handling Katrina on the streets of London, discussion about pregnancy started, people said – delete the video.

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Along with Deepika Padukone's pregnancy, such news is also often heard on social media about Katrina Kaif. Currently, a video has surfaced about which it is being said that the couple seen in it is Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif. This video shared on Twitter (X) is said to be from Baker Street, London, in which the couple is seen in winter outfits. It is shown in this video that Vicky Kaushal is seen protective of his wife Katrina while walking on the road.

This video has been shared on social media with the handle named Herman_Gomes. While sharing it, it is written, 'Bollywood star couple Katrina and Vicky Kaushal are seen roaming on Baker Street in London. It is clearly visible how much of a gentleman Vicky is, how protective he is of his wife. Here's a glimpse of what happened after we met him face to face in the bookstore.

People asked- did you see Katrina from the front?

After watching this video on the internet, people are making various types of comments. Where many people are asking this question, did you see from the front that she is pregnant? While some have expressed doubt that she does not behave like this.

Enraged people said- delete this video

Some people have expressed a lot of anger on this video. Many users have said that this is an interference in someone's privacy. Some people have even talked about deleting this video. People have said- If the couple themselves have not announced pregnancy then this video has no meaning. At present, neither any information has been given by the celebrity couple nor any denial has been made regarding pregnancy.

Those who criticized the video got this reply

However, Herman_Gomes has also replied to such tweets and said that it is a public area and if celebrities who are public figures roam in a public place, people definitely take their pictures. He has said that this video was not taken from home or office which would interfere with his privacy.

Said- Katrina will give birth to the child in London

At the same time, 'Times Now' has also quoted sources as saying that the couple is preparing to have their first child in London. The report says that Kacharina will have her baby in London, Vicky Kaushal is also there, she is pregnant.

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