The woman removed these 2 things from her diet, her weight started reducing by 2.5 kg every month

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As easily as it is to gain weight, it is equally difficult to lose it. Especially when you are a mother of a child, this path can be even more challenging for you. But it is said that once you are determined, nothing is difficult. Something similar happened with Leblanc when she planned to lose weight.

She says that because of her daughter, it was becoming very difficult for her to go to the gym, follow a diet plan and do household chores. Due to this, she started having mental problems along with physical problems. However, she started going to the gym and filling her plate with nutritious vegetables and got success.

Managed like this

Knowing that going to the gym while having a daughter could create problems for her, she still started going to the gym regularly. She took all the proper precautions for her daughter's health.

Gradually the weight decreased like this

This was the diet plan

I first started cutting down on cold drinks and other sweets and fast food. She started consuming natural foods. She also says that keeping track of calorie count is also a good way to achieve your goal.

Stay active outside of the gym

Stay active outside of the gym

You don't need an expensive gym membership to lose weight. When LeBlanc first started getting back into shape, she tried to keep herself as active as possible by taking daily walks around the neighborhood with her daughter. “I lost my first 50 pounds just by eating well and walking every day,” she said.

LeBlanc's advice for losing weight

LeBlanc's advice for losing weight

LeBlanc's first tip for losing weight is probably also the hardest. She says it requires patience. Often people try to lose weight in a hurry, put too much pressure on themselves and expect immediate results. She said weight loss is not a race, but a long-term journey.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more information.

This was the workout plan

This was the workout plan

LeBlanc loves working out. She used to do all kinds of exercises like cardio and weight lifting in the gym. Sprint intervals and plyometrics are her favorite exercises. After battling a gallbladder problem for a year and a half, she has lost about 90 kg so far.

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