Rajendra Nath became a star just 10 years after his debut, the actor spent his life in shock and anonymity

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In 'Saturday Superstar', we are going to tell the story of a hero who gained popularity by becoming a comedian. He was actor Rajendra Nath, who was the brother of famous star Prem Nath and brother-in-law of 'Show Man' Raj Kapoor. His 93rd birth anniversary is on 8 June. Rajendra Nath entered the film world in the 60s. At that time comedians like Johnny Walker and Mehmood were popular. But Rajendra Nath managed to make his mark among them. Later he worked in about 187 films. Rajendra Nath's brother Prem Nath may have been a big star at that time and he also had connections with Raj Kapoor and Prem Chopra, but still Rajendra Nath had to struggle a lot. He made many such mistakes, due to which he had to spend some time in poverty. Rajendra Nath's father wanted him to study and become a doctor, but he had no interest in studies. How could that happen? Both brothers – Prem Nath and Narendra Nath were working in films, were stars. Then Rajendra Nath went to his brother and decided to work in films. After coming to Mumbai, Rajendra Nath started with theatre. He worked in many plays of Prithvi Theatre and also started further studies.

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When brother Prem Nath threw me out of the house, he said – he did this for my good

It is said that Rajendra Nath had become careless towards his work and did not listen even after being explained a million times. In a way, he had become dependent on his brother Prem Nath. Seeing this, Prem Nath threw him out of the house. He arranged for Rajendra Nath to live somewhere else, but Rajendra Nath himself bore all the expenses. In an interview, Rajendra Nath talked about his bad times. He told that he had only an old scooter and he did not even have money to fill petrol in it. And he had to depend on friends for food and drink. When his brother threw Rajendra Nath out of the house, he was very angry, but later he realized that whatever his brother did, he did it for his good.


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He made his living by doing small roles, he got stardom after 10 years

Rajendra Nath kept moving forward while struggling. He kept doing small roles in films. Then after a long wait of 10 years, he got a film which made Rajendra Nath famous. This film was 'Dil Deke Dekho'. After this, Rajendra Nath started getting films in large numbers. Brother Prem Nath also opened his production house and gave him work.


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That filmmaking mistake left him in debt

But bad times returned in Rajendra Nath's life again. When his films were not doing well, the actor decided to make his own film. He signed Randhir Kapoor and Neetu Singh in this film. But due to over budget, this film was closed in 10 days. Rajendra Nath got into a debt of lakhs of rupees. The people from whom he had borrowed money and invested in the film also started demanding their money back. The debtors used to stand at Rajendra Nath's house. Rajendra Nath had told that the distributors of Delhi and UP were hell-bent on making him cry bloody tears. They charged heavy interest on the money given to the actor and recovered the entire amount.

Shock of brothers' death and loneliness, then death

Rajendra Nath died in 2008. He was deeply saddened when his elder brother Prem Nath died in 1991. A few years later, his other brother Narendra also died. This made Rajendra Nath disillusioned with life. He spent his last days in the darkness of anonymity. He stopped meeting people and started living alone.

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