The violinist who got blessings from the devil but did not get anyone's support in love

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Magic started appearing at the age of seven

Nicolo Paganini was born in Genoa, a major city in Italy. Initially he learned to play the mandolin from his father, but then he became interested in the violin.

At just seven years of age, Nicolo showed such talent that his father took him to Parma for further training.

When he played his demo to a prominent violinist, he was amazed. He immediately refused to train Nicolo and then sent him to his master.

Connection with Napoleon's family

His command over the violin opened doors of opportunities for Nicolo. He was given the responsibility of teaching this musical instrument to Felice, the husband of Napoleon's sister Elisa.

It is said that he trained Felice for about 10 years and during this time he had an affair with Elisa. However, later Nicolo moved away from the family and started his solo tour in Parma-Genoa.

This gained him popularity among the common people and with it started rumours of his connection with the Devil.

Contract with the Devil

Contract with the Devil

As the reach of Nicolo's music increased, he started performing in other cities of Europe as well. This brought him fame all over the country and even the great musicians of that time became jealous of him. The way Nicolo produced music from the strings of the violin mesmerized the audience.

People were not ready to believe that how can someone be so proficient in his art. From here, rumors started spreading that to achieve such mastery on the violin, Nicolo had made a contract with the devil. And because of his blessings, this violinist is able to create such tunes that people cannot forget them.

The souls of women were captured in the violin

The souls of women were captured in the violin

As the stories grew, so did the variations. People even began to say that they had seen another version of Niccolo, with two horns on his head like the devil.

Not only this, some people even say that the violinist has murdered women and imprisoned their souls in his violin. This is the reason why listening to the tunes it seems as if she is trying to say something.

Niccolo's romantic mood

Niccolo's romantic mood

Amidst such rumours, Nicolo's lascivious attitude also started damaging his image. With fame, his name got linked with many women. These included women from every section of the society.

His longest relationship was with Antonio Bianchi, with whom he had a son. However, this woman too could not become his life partner. The couple separated just two years after the birth of their son.

A life without love and diseases that surround the body

A life without love and diseases that surround the body

Life went on and he was deprived of true love. Meanwhile, Nicolo started to be surrounded by diseases. It is said that he had Marfan syndrome, which was genetically present in his body. After this, at the age of 40, he suffered from a disease called syphilis, which spreads through sexual contact. For its treatment, he was given mercury and opium, which had a bad effect on his body and mind.

Struggle for getting burial place after death

Struggle for getting burial place after death

The situation became such that he had to cancel shows one after the other and eventually he stopped touring altogether. He also got TB, for which he was treated in Paris. After recovering from it, Nicolo returned to Genoa.

Here he started teaching music to people. Even during this time, love remained far away from him. Meanwhile, his health also started deteriorating and every day became a challenge for him.

A few days before her death the local priest came to give her last rites, but was turned away by Niccolò.

A week later, on May 27, 1840, Niccolò Paganini died at the age of 57. But the Church refused to grant him a Christian burial because he had not been cremated and there were rumors that he had contact with the devil.

After years of struggle, his body was finally buried according to Catholic tradition in Parma in 1876. In 1893, the famous violinist Frantisek Ondricek urged Nicolo's grandson to open his cemetery to the public.

In 1896 Paganini's body was moved to another location and the cemetery was opened to the public.

This violinist could not find a life partner throughout his life, but he got true love from the people, even after his death.

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