'The Trial' actress Noor Malabika dies at the age of 37, police found her body hanging from a fan in a decomposed state

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Actress Noor Malabika Das, who worked with Kajol in the web series 'The Trial', has allegedly committed suicide. The 37-year-old actress was earlier an air hostess in Qatar Airways. Police recovered the body from her flat in Lokhandwala on June 6. It is being told that the actress has committed suicide by hanging herself from the fan. Police have sent the body for post-mortem. More information will be available only after the report comes. According to media reports, the police have told that the incident came to light when the neighbors started smelling a foul smell from the flat. They immediately informed the Oshiwara police. The team that reached the spot broke the door and on entering inside, the police found Noor's body hanging from the fan in a rotten condition. During the search of the house, the police recovered medicines and her mobile phone and diary.

Noor's post-mortem, she lived in a rented flat

The actress' body was taken to Siddharth Hospital in Goregaon for post-mortem. Her family members were contacted but no one came forward. As a result, the police cremated her on Sunday, June 9, with the help of an NGO that handles the cremation of unclaimed bodies in the city.

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Noor Malabika was a resident of Assam and had worked in many Hindi films and web series. These include films like 'Siskiyan', 'Walkman', 'Teekhi Chutney', 'Jaghanya Upay', 'Charamsukh', 'Dekhi Andekhi', 'Backroad Halchal'. At the same time, she was seen with Kajol and Jishu Sengupta in 'The Trial' streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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