The race for playoffs is not over yet, competition between 2 teams, breath held on the last match.

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New Delhi. This season of the Indian Premier League has been full of tremendous excitement so far. The defending champion team was out of the race for the playoffs and the team, which had suffered six consecutive defeats, won the last match. Four teams have been decided for the playoffs but the race is still going on. Yes, it might sound strange that when all four teams have been decided then how can the race continue. So let us tell you that it has not been decided yet which teams will play the qualifiers and eliminators.

This time IPL will be remembered for miracles. The Royal Challengers Bangalore team, which had lost six consecutive matches and was considered out of the playoff race, did wonders. In the last league match, Chennai Super Kings had to face defeat by a big margin and the team performed so brilliantly. Now the current champion Chennai is out and RCB is preparing to play the playoffs. The names of four teams have been decided for the next round but this race is going to continue till the last match. Kolkata Knight Riders is on top and the decision of the second and third team is yet to be decided.

The playoff race is not over
The top four teams have confirmed their places in the IPL 2024 playoffs, but the names of the qualifiers and eliminator teams will be decided after the last league match. Kolkata is on top having scored 19 points and it is certain to play the qualifiers. The decision as to which team will be in second place has to be taken after the last match. Sunrisers Hyderabad will face Punjab Kings while Rajasthan Royals will face Kolkata.

What is the playoff equation?
At present, Kolkata is first in the points table while Rajasthan team is at second place. Hyderabad is at third place and Bengaluru is at fourth place. If Rajasthan and Hyderabad win their respective last matches then the position of the points table will remain the same. If Rajasthan loses and Hyderabad wins then there will be an exchange of places. Meaning Rajasthan will reach third place and Hyderabad will reach second place. If Hyderabad loses and Rajasthan wins then there will be no change in the current situation.

first published : May 19, 2024, 11:34 IST

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