I am ready for debate, will PM come…Rahul Gandhi challenges PM Modi

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New Delhi : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a debate on an open forum. Referring to the letter written by the intellectuals, he said that they have written a letter to me and Modi that Modi ji and Rahul Gandhi should debate. Rahul said that he is ready for debate. The Prime Minister can debate anywhere, at any time. He asked the people, do you think Modi ji will come for the debate? He won't argue with me. Because if he comes, my first question will be what is your relationship with Adani? After this the question will come on electoral bonds, please explain it? You will get trapped in this. Question related to farmers. When people were dying in Corona, why did you ask to play thali? Questions will also be asked on China's encroachment and Agneepath scheme. There are many questions which they will not be able to answer. Rahul was holding a public meeting in favor of India Alliance candidates at Ramlila Maidan in Ashok Vihar on Saturday.

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'Kejriwal will vote for Congress'
During this, Kanhaiya said that this time it will be strange that Arvind Kejriwal will vote for Congress and I will press the button of Aam Aadmi Party. Here let us tell you that Aam Aadmi Party is contesting on four seats and Congress on three seats. I also want to tell my workers to support their leaders on three seats and support AAP on four seats.

Rahul Gandhi challenged PM Modi
Challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul said that if he thinks that his industrialist friends have given money to Congress by filling tempos, then why don't they get it investigated by their agencies. Rahul said that now the Prime Minister has realized that the time has come to say 'bye-bye' to him. Referring to the Prime Minister's interview with journalists, Rahul said that Modi ji told the journalists that when he was young, Muslim brothers used to send food to his house. Targeting the Prime Minister, he said that Modi ji, you are a vegetarian. State Congress President Devendra Yadav, party treasurer Ajay Maken, P. Chidambaram, KC were present in the meeting. Apart from Venugopal, three party candidates Jai Prakash Aggarwal, Udit Raj and Kanhaiya Kumar were also present.

Rahul Gandhi said that in this election the workers of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party have come together to save the Constitution. He claimed that many BJP leaders have openly said that if they get a chance, they will tear the Constitution and throw it away. Our first task is to save the Constitution, because this is your future and this is your dream. He expressed hope that the people of Delhi will make them victorious by voting in favor of three candidates of Congress and four candidates of Aam Aadmi Party.

talked about small businessmen
The Congress leader alleged that the Prime Minister has worked only for 20-25 industrialists. What did the Prime Minister do for small traders in 10 years? What work did the traders of Chandni Chowk, Delhi do? First of all, small traders suffered losses due to demonetization. Thousands of businesses were closed and then GST was implemented incorrectly, causing huge losses. Not a single rupee of small traders was waived, but Rs 16 lakh crore of industrialists was waived. This is an amount with which the MNREGA scheme can be run for many years. This amount is much more than the loan waiver of farmers by the UPA government. He accused the NDA government of privatizing public sector undertakings including railways. Even the contract for the Red Fort, a symbol of patriotism, was given to someone.

He appealed to the people to unite and fight Made in China and make Made in India, Made in Chandni Chowk, Made in New Delhi. Rahul Gandhi also mentioned the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal and Hemant Soren and said that government investigative agencies are being misused to suppress those raising their voice against them. Without taking Lovely's name, Rahul said that it would be better if those who are timid leave. Because Congress needs brave lions.

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