The Great Indian Kapil Show: 10 thousand rupees were cheated in the name of making Rajkumar Rao an actor, money wasted

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In the latest episode of 'The Great Indian Kapil Show', Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor came to promote their latest film 'Mr and Mrs Mahi'. This is their second film together and both of them spoke openly about each other and shared interesting things. During the conversation, Rajkummar Rao revealed that he was cheated of Rs 10,000 by promising him a role even before starting his career. Janhvi also told what her mother late Sridevi wanted to see him become. Let us tell you the whole story. Kapil Sharma asked Rajkummar Rao to tell about the incident when he was cheated of money by promising a role. Rajkummar was in 11th class at that time. He said, 'This happened in Delhi. I used to go to Delhi from Gurgaon by bicycle. I saw the cutting of a show of Zee TV. I know the difference between TV and films, I just knew that I have to act. I thought he knew everyone.'

Rajkumar Rao was cheated

Upon reaching there, Rajkummar Rao was given a proper photoshoot for which the man charged him Rs 10,000. His mother had lent him the money and he also received a call from the man informing him that he had been selected. The actor was very happy. However, when he went there after 3 days, he saw that the office was closed and on asking people, he came to know that the man had run away with his money.

Sridevi did not want Jhanvi Kapoor to become an actress

On the other hand, Kapil Sharma asked Janhvi Kapoor if she was always clear about choosing acting as a profession. On this, the actress made a shocking revelation. She said, 'My mother tried to keep me away from this direction for many years. When I used to get ready or do makeup, she used to tell me, 'Do you know what my dream is? That you become a doctor one day.'

I promised this to my mother

However, Janhvi was determined to become an actress since childhood. She used to tell her mother that she would play the role of a doctor in at least one film to fulfill her dream.

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