The elderly got relief from this one rule of Railways, they will not have to plead with anyone during the entire journey.

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Lakhs and crores of people travel by Indian Railways every day. Then children, youth and senior citizens also come there. In such a situation, Railways takes care of everyone, whether you are traveling alone or with a pregnant wife, Railways ensures that you do not face any problem in the journey. If you fall in the elderly category then this news is for you only, let us tell you what benefits senior citizens get from Railways.

Railways gives lower berths to senior citizens

Railways has made many rules to provide relief to senior citizens. This makes their journey easier. Lower berths can be easily booked for senior citizens. IRCTC has given information about allotting lower berths to senior citizens. A passenger had said in a tweet that he had booked a train ticket for his uncle and had opted for the lower berth as his uncle had leg problems, but despite this the Railways gave him the upper berth.

Railways told the method of booking

According to the passenger's tweet, Railways wrote that if you book a ticket under general quota, then seat allotment is given only if the seat is available. If there is no seat then no, you will not get that seat. If you book tickets as per Reservation Choice Book, you will get a lower berth only if the lower berth is allotted.

Lower berth is available on first come first serve basis.

Lower berths are available on first come first serve basis.

Railways says that the seat is allotted to the person booking as per the quota only when the seat is available. These seats are on first come and first served basis. If you get a seat in general quota then no one can sit on your seat. However, you can talk to TTE for lower berth. If there is a lower berth then you will get it.

rules for women

rules for women

Female passengers aged 45 years and above and pregnant women also get lower berths in the train. In case of express trains like Rajdhani, Duronto, 4 lower berths are booked in 3AC. There are 4 lower berths booked in normal and mail express trains.

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