The body gives signals before kidney damage occurs, be alert immediately

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The body gives signals before kidney damage occurs, be alert immediately

Aditya Anand/Godda. In common people's life these days, people are more worried about health related problems than stomach problems. Here, due to improper eating habits, a person complains of stones in his stomach or kidney. The primary symptom of this disease is stomach pain. Most people ignore this pain when they have stomach ache for the first or second time. Due to which the pain of kidney stones in the stomach troubles people more. This disease occurs due to regular consumption of fast food and imbalance of chemicals excreted from the body due to food and drink.

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Dr. Pankaj Kumar, General Surgeon of LNV HOSPITAL, Godda, said that this disease is being seen more in the youth especially in the new age. Here this disease mainly occurs due to chemical imbalance in our body due to daily eating habits. Starts forming chemical stones in our kidneys. This stone keeps increasing day by day. Its primary symptom is pain in the patient's stomach through the urinary tract. There is a burning sensation during urination. Many patients in this condition also have blood in their urine.

one should drink kurthi dal
If the disease is recognized in its initial symptoms, then the patient should start drinking more water. The more often the patient urinates, the better it is for him. By drinking more water and urinating, small stones pass out from the patient's urinary tract. If this disease becomes serious then it can be treated only through operation. Even if the operation is not done at the right time. Infection starts in the patient's kidneys. In case of kidney stones, some people also drink water of kurthi dal as a home remedy for the initial symptoms. Which speeds up the process of urination of a person. Small stones are removed through urine. But when this disease becomes serious, its treatment is only operation.

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