Take care of these important things while playing Holi, there will be no harm to the skin

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Ravi Paik, Bhilwara Holi, the festival of colors, is being celebrated with pomp today. In this festival, Holi is considered incomplete without colors but many times on the occasion of Holi, skin related problems start arising in people. Because of this they have skin problems. In such a situation, some important things should be kept in mind while playing Holi. It is important that you play Holi with dry natural gulal only and ignore wet colors and liquid colors. Doctors also believe that every person should take special care of his skin on Holi.

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Dr. Mahendra Chhaparwal, a skin disease and dermatology specialist at the Government Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, said that it is very important to take these precautions on the occasion of Holi. While playing with colors on Holi, dry colors should be used and try to use as much natural gulal as possible. It is often seen that most of the skin damage is caused by chemicals and ray gulaal which contain toxic chemicals. Due to this the skin gets badly damaged.

Avoid these things during Holi –
Apart from this, people playing Holi should try as much as possible not to play Holi with water colors and liquid colors. Playing Holi with water colors for a long time and staying in colors for a long time causes damage to the skin due to sun exposure and sun burn. It is often seen that on Holi, many people add color to water as a prank. Because of this also that colored water is harmful.

It is important to take this precaution –
Dermatologist Dr Chhaparwal Said that many times if a reaction occurs after playing Holi then one should consult a doctor as soon as possible and one should not be careless in this matter. Some people think that after playing Holi they will consult a doctor, by then a lot of damage gets done to the skin. Therefore, Holi should be played with natural gulal only and no wet color of any kind should be used.

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