T20 World Cup: India put a nail in Pakistan's grave, made their dream of Super-8 difficult, even a win won't make a difference!

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New Delhi. India has almost knocked Pakistan out of the T20 World Cup 2024 by defeating them. Now Pakistan has very little hope of going to the next round. This hope will also depend more on the poor performance of others than on their own good performance. Interestingly, not only Pakistan, two more former world champions England and Sri Lanka are also in danger of being eliminated from the tournament. Apart from this, New Zealand's future is also in danger.

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Pakistan's team is in Group A of T20 World Cup 2024. Teams from India, USA, Canada and Ireland are also in this group. All the teams have played two matches each. Pakistan and Ireland teams have lost both their matches. India and USA have won both their matches. Canada's team has won one match and lost one. In this way, now India is first in the points table, USA second, Canada third, Pakistan fourth and Ireland fifth. The top-2 teams from each group will enter the Super-8. Currently India and USA are ahead in this race.

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Pakistan won all the matches, if America had lost then it would have been a matter
It is not very difficult to understand the entire equation of Pakistan going to the Super-8. To go to the Super-8, first of all Pakistan has to win all its matches. Then we have to pray that America loses both its matches. Pakistan now has to play against Ireland and Canada. If there is no upset, then it can be believed that Pakistan will win these matches. America now has to face India and Ireland.

Ireland-Canada can spoil the game
Ireland and Canada have to play two matches each. These two teams now have to face India and Pakistan. Although anything is possible in cricket, it seems a bit difficult to expect that Ireland or Canada will beat both India and Pakistan. Yes, it is possible that they can create another upset by defeating a big team. If Pakistan loses, its game will be over. Even if the Indian team creates an upset against one of the teams, it will still have one more match.

India can remain number one in the group
Overall, there is little chance of Ireland or Canada going to the Super-8. Therefore, now the Super-8 match in Group-A is mainly between India, America and Pakistan. India's next two matches are against America and Canada. Therefore, it can be assumed that India will easily make it to the Super-8. If the Indian team plays according to its reputation, then it can remain at the top of the group.

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