India will remain a thorn in the side of China, Pakistan and the West; Modi's mastermind Jaishankar becomes minister again

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: When Sushma Swaraj took charge of the Ministry of External Affairs in the first term of the Narendra Modi government, she became the apple of the eye of Indians abroad. Even before the second term of the Modi government, Sushma's illness took a serious turn. Prime Minister Narendra Modi found her replacement in the form of S Jaishankar. He had met Jaishankar in China. Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time and Jaishankar was India's ambassador to China. The conversation in China made both of them admire each other. When Modi got a chance in 2019, he called Jaishankar. Then he was in a high position in the country's prestigious company Tata Group.

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S. Jaishankar is Modi's missile

Modi kept the post of Foreign Minister reserved for Jaishankar even in his third term. Jaishankar is one of those ministers whom Modi has given a chance again. He is one of those few ministers about whom hardly anyone would have doubted that he would be made the Foreign Minister this time too. This is because S. Jaishankar achieved such an achievement for India in his five-year tenure which has no parallel till date. He not only introduced the world to a new strong India but also did not hold back in showing the mirror to all the developed and powerful countries including America on different occasions. The world was surprised by this new attitude of India and Indians were happy. Be it the country or abroad, the chest of patriotic Indians living in every corner of the world kept swelling with pride, the reason for which was S. Jaishankar. His ability to call day as day and night as night even in front of superpowers kept winning the heart of every Indian.

Masculine ministers in Modi cabinet

Today, Jaishankar's image is that of a macho minister in the Modi government. People like his style because it comes from his understanding and scholarship. Even if we judge Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar from the perspective of the high standards of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), he still proves to be a very learned man. His juniors and advisors who have worked under him never tire of praising his 'realistic approach to foreign policy' apart from other skills. From the year 2022 till now, it was seen on many occasions when he defended India's view on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. At the same time, he pushed India's interests with the Quad against expansionist tendencies in the Indo-Pacific region. Jaishankar bluntly said that as long as the tension on the border continues, China-India relations cannot be normal.

Focus on advancing economic diplomacy

Interestingly, this seasoned diplomat has kept himself most useful even in New Delhi, weaving strength into equations. Jaishankar has been the longest serving foreign secretary of the country in recent years and has helped shape Prime Minister Modi's foreign policy considerably. As foreign secretary, he emerged as Modi's informal foreign policy adviser. His strength comes from his extensive studies, articulation, subject knowledge and realistic approach to foreign policy. He has focused on pursuing economic diplomacy that can bring much-needed technology and immense capital to India.

Jaishankar has a wealth of achievements to his name

Jaishankar was also a key member of the team that worked on the nuclear deal with the US. The deal, which began in 2005, took several years to be finalised and was signed by the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government in 2008. Apart from being the ambassador to the US, he was also the ambassador to the Czech Republic. Jaishankar, a 1977 batch Indian Foreign Service officer, was reportedly former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's first choice to replace Ranjan Mathai as foreign secretary in 2013. But the then Prime Minister was reportedly advised by senior Congress leaders to go by seniority and Sujatha Singh was appointed.

Will Jaishankar be able to do something special in his second term too?

In the early days of his career, Jaishankar has been posted in Moscow and several other European capitals besides Tokyo. He has also worked as the First Secretary and Political Advisor of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka. For a year, he was the President of Global Corporate Affairs of the Tata Group. Now his second term as Foreign Minister is about to begin. It remains to be seen what more proud moments he provides to India in this tenure.

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