Suryakumar Yadav lost 15 kg weight… miracle happened in 4 months

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New York. Suryakumar Yadav is looking leaner and fitter than ever since his return to competitive cricket. He underwent sports hernia surgery 4 months ago. After which his weight increased. In view of the upcoming T20 World Cup, Surya has lost 15 kg during this period. The batsman, who tops the T20 International rankings, was away from competitive cricket for about 4 months due to ankle operation and sports hernia surgery in December last year.

It is always challenging for a player to regain the top level of fitness after surgery. With the help of a better diet plan, Surya was able to lose 12 to 14 kg of weight. Shweta Bhatia, dietician and founder of 'Mind Your Fitness', who worked on Suryakumar Yadav's nutrition for some time, said, “Suryakumar looks leaner than before but his body is stronger than before. We planned a supplementary diet along with the main diet to achieve this goal.”

Bhatia said, 'After the surgery, his weight had increased a little which is a natural process. Then he was able to lose 14-15 kg. The DEXA machine can confirm that out of these 15 kg, 13 kg will be fat.' The National Cricket Academy (NCA) has a DEXA machine to check the body composition of the player, which gives details of the amount of muscles and fat in the body.

first published : June 1, 2024, 11:01 pm IST

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