…So Modi is going to repeat Nehru's charisma, know the situation from North to South in the exit poll

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Exit polls for Lok Sabha elections 2024 have come out. In most surveys, BJP is seen forming the government with absolute majority. At the same time, all the claims of the Indy alliance are seen failing. BJP is seen performing well in most of the states. In some exit polls, BJP is seen winning more than 350 seats. BJP seems to be getting the most benefit in the states of South India. From Kerala to Telangana, BJP is seen gaining lead. At the same time, BJP is also seen getting more seats than TMC in West Bengal. Here, BJP can again clean sweep all the seven seats of Delhi. That is, Modi government is going to be formed in the country once again. If these exit polls are correct, then Modi will equal Nehru's record. After Nehru, Modi will be the second PM to form the government for the third consecutive time. See what the exit poll figures say so far.

Modi government in Times Now exit poll
In the Times Now Presswire 18 ETG exit poll, Modi government is seen returning to power. According to this survey, NDA can get 358 seats, while the Congress-led All India Alliance can get 132 seats. Others can get 53 seats.

Saffron color dominates in ABP-CVoter exit poll
In the exit poll of ABP News-CVoter, BJP is seen forming the government with absolute majority. In the exit poll of ABP News-CVoter, NDA is likely to get 353-383 seats, Bharat Gathbandhan 152-182 seats and others are likely to get 4-12 seats.

Axis My India Exit Poll: BJP may cross 400In the exit poll of Aaj Tak-Axis My India, BJP can cross the 400 mark. According to this survey, BJP is expected to get 361 to 401 seats. Whereas All India Alliance is expected to get 131 to 166 seats.

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