Stretch marks will go away forever, just do this

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Many of you women and men may have stretch marks on your stomach or legs, due to which some women feel hesitant to wear shorts or crop tops. In such a situation, you either reduce the number of your clothes or use some kind of cream to remove stretch marks.

In such a situation, if you are also troubled by stretch marks on your waist, stomach or thighs, then let us tell you that these home remedies can reduce them. These remedies will reduce these marks to a great extent and make your skin mark-free again.

Why do stretch marks occur?

It is believed that stretch marks appear on the waist and stomach area of ​​women only during pregnancy, but this is not true. These are marks that are caused by stretching of the skin, such as due to weight gain or any disease. Therefore, anyone can get stretch marks.

Use of oil

These can be reduced by massaging the waist or the area with stretch marks with oil. For this you can use olive, almond and coconut oil. Apart from this, you can massage the area with stretch marks with castor oil. Gradually you will see yourself that the marks have started to lighten.

Mix this thing with aloe vera

Mix this thing with aloe vera

Aloe vera is very beneficial for the skin, it helps in repairing the skin. Therefore, using aloe vera for stretch marks can be beneficial. If you add coconut oil to it, its benefits will increase even more. You can mix both of them in a bowl and apply it daily on the area with stretch marks.

Potato juice

Potato juice

You must have used potatoes to reduce facial blemishes, but do you know that its juice is also beneficial in reducing stretch marks. For this, take a potato and make a paste of it. Now you can apply it on the area where you have stretch marks.

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