South star Pratyusha found death instead of stardom, when the uproar happened high-profile people got involved

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We are telling you the sad story of an actress who, if she were alive today, would have been the top and highest paid star of South. But fate was such that instead of stardom, she got death and she said goodbye to this world at the age of 22. This was South actress Pratyusha, who was a rising star in the 90s and kept doing films till 2004. If Pratyusha had not died, her career would not have stopped. Pratyusha had done 12 films in 6 years and had started competing with other heroines. It was said about Pratyusha that she committed suicide by consuming poison, but her mother accused her daughter's boyfriend Siddharth of murder and raping her thrice. Pratyusha died in 2002 and 15 years later, the late actress' mother Sarojini Devi claimed that her daughter was repeatedly raped and then murdered by a group of high-profile people with the help of her boyfriend Siddharth Reddy. According to the report of 'Indian Express', the mother claimed that apart from Pratyusha's boyfriend Siddharth Reddy, sons of some ministers are also involved in this case.

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The conversation took place two and a half hours before the daughter's death

It was believed that Siddharth's family did not like his relationship with Pratyusha and that is why the actress chose the path of suicide. But the mother refused to believe this because her daughter was flying high in her career. She was doing a lot of films. Pratyusha's mother had told that she had talked to her daughter two and a half hours before her death and she had told that she was going to meet director Teja with Siddharth. Pratyusha had told that she had got Teja's film. But a few hours later the mother got the news that her daughter Pratyusha was no more.

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'If I had known that so many people were involved in my daughter's death, I would not have performed her last rites'

Pratyusha's mother, while speaking to Telugu media in 2017, said that her daughter was preparing to leave for Bangalore on 23 February 2002 as her Kannada film was to be launched. Pratyusha's mother said that at the time of the funeral, she did not suspect any foul play in her daughter's death. But if she had known that so many people were involved in her death, she would not have performed her daughter's funeral.

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Pratyusha's childhood love Siddharth wanted to marry her

Actually Pratyusha loved Siddharth since childhood. Siddharth was studying engineering and Pratyusha was earning name in the world of films. Pratyusha wanted to marry Siddharth. But Siddharth's family was not ready to make Pratyusha their daughter-in-law. Both of them tried a lot to convince Siddharth's family, but they did not agree. Pratyusha's mother also explained to her daughter that she and Siddharth should first focus on their careers and then think about the future. But fate had something else in store.


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Pratyusha's suspicious death on 23 February 2002, foam was coming out of her mouth

On 23 February 2002, Pratyusha died in her own house under suspicious circumstances. According to some media reports, Siddharth Reddy first went to a beauty parlor and from there took Pratyusha in the car and went somewhere. On the way, he stopped the car at a shop and bought pesticide and then went to Siddharth's house. It is said that there both of them mixed pesticide in cold drink and drank it. Pratyusha died, but Siddharth survived.

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The postmortem report turned everything upside down, there was suspicion of rape and murder

Pratyusha's death was considered a suicide. But suddenly the whole case took a turn when the postmortem report came. In 2002, Gandhi Hospital forensic expert B Muniswamy, who had examined Pratyusha's body, suspected that the actress' death was a murder. While the earlier postmortem report stated the cause of death as suffocation due to pressure on the neck or strangulation with hands. Muniswamy also claimed that semen marks were found on Pratyusha's body which indicated sexual assault.


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Mother accused the hospital of tampering with evidence, celebs demanded a CBI inquiry

The mother also suspected that her daughter was murdered and said that Siddharth Reddy along with the sons of some ministers and MPs raped her daughter thrice and then deliberately forced her to consume poison. She also accused the hospital staff of destroying evidence and tampering with the case. The case was getting serious and many celebrities came out in support of Pratyusha and her mother. They appealed to the Telangana government to order a CBI inquiry into Pratyusha's death so that the truth could come out.

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Siddharth Reddy was sentenced to 5 years in jail, then his sentence was reduced and he was released

The CBI did not find any evidence against Siddharth Reddy in the investigation, after which B Muniswamy, who gave the postmortem report, was also suspended. However, later a case was registered against Siddharth for abetting Pratyusha to suicide, in which he was sentenced to five years in jail. However, later Siddharth's jail sentence was reduced and he was also released.


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The condition of the family after Pratyusha, the mother runs a trust in memory of her daughter

After Pratyusha's death, her parents' life became desolate. Mother Sarojini Devi now runs a charitable trust in memory of her daughter, named Pratyusha Charitable Trust (PCT). She started it in the year 2002. Pratyusha had done many South films like 'Rayudu', 'Thavasi', 'Kadal Pookkal' and 'Sri Ramaluyya' in her career. Some of Pratyusha's films were released after her death.

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