How effective was the 'Modi factor' in the Lok Sabha elections, understand the whole thing from 'Election Chanakya'

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New Delhi : The Lok Sabha elections are over. After the exit polls, the country is now waiting for June 4. On this day, the country will see the results of the elections held in seven phases. The exit polls have predicted a hat-trick for the BJP. In such a situation, the question is what is the reason that the BJP-led NDA can score a hat-trick at the Centre. Dr. Pradeep Gupta, the country's well-known election analyst and CEO and Managing Director of survey agency Axis My India, talked about this. During this, Pradeep openly expressed his opinion on many issues including the exit polls, the impact of the Modi factor in the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi's 'khata-khata' statement.

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Question: What percentage of contribution does the 'Modi factor' have in the seats BJP is getting?
Answer : The 'Modi factor' has worked the most for the BJP and we found that there is a 'strong pro-incumbency trend' in favour of the Modi government.

Question: Is there any wave in the name of Rahul Gandhi or are Congress candidates winning on the basis of local equations?
Answer : Rahul Gandhi or Congress has contested the elections for India Alliance. Regional parties have contested the elections in different areas, like in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, regional parties have contested the elections. Rahul Gandhi is not seen as a brand, in Karnataka, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh where Congress is in power, Congress voters do not vote in the name of Rahul Gandhi, rather the Congress government there asks for votes on the basis of facilities and arrangements and the local people vote on this.

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Question: What has been the effect of Congress's 'free' guarantee? Why did Rahul Gandhi's slogans like 'khatakhat-khatakhat' have no effect in this election?
Answer : Campaigning during elections and phrases like 'khatkhat-khatkhat' work only when there is content and the product must be there, only then can it be marketed. Packaging and marketing is an integral part, but marketing usually doesn't work without your product.

Question: Rahul Gandhi is calling the exit polls as 'Modi Media Poll', 'Fantasy Poll', what would you say on this?
Answer : This is sour grapes, it is their right, they can take surveys in any form, they themselves know that when India Today-Axis My India exit polls gave them a massive victory in Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Telangana, they were very happy. On the sets of Aaj Tak, the Congress spokesperson was telling Anjana that Pradeep Gupta is looking very good today. They should check the records, they will get the answer.

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Question: Surveys show that BJP is getting success in the South, what was the biggest factor in this?
Answer After some time, people want change. People of the South are seeing that in the last 10 years, people in other states of the country have also benefited from the schemes of the Central Government. BJP has worked very hard in the South. Where it was weak, it put all its strength and resources there. Even after this, BJP is getting only 2-4 seats in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. But, every party starts like this.

Question: How do you see Arvind Kejriwal's failure in the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi?
Answer Talking about Arvind Kejriwal, we have seen in the 2014 and 2019 elections that Kejriwal's party performs well in the assembly elections, this time it also performed well in the MCD. But, voters vote differently in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections, they choose different parties and there is a Modi government at the center. Everyone knows that if someone votes for the Aam Aadmi Party, then its government will not be formed. Today the public believes in giving a 'clear cut mandate', whether it is a Lok Sabha election or an assembly election.

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Question: Did the voters seem to be moving towards the BJP due to the AAP-Congress alliance in Delhi and fighting separately in Punjab?
Answer : Every person wants a strong government. The absence of an alliance between any party shows that you have differences. Then on what basis are you asking for votes?

Question: Has Didi made any mistake in West Bengal?
Answer : Last time in West Bengal, BJP had won 18 seats while TMC had won 22 seats. People are voting on the basis that whoever we choose should form the government.

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