Shashi Kapoor scolded Shabana Azmi very badly, the actress started crying after hearing the scene, called the actor 'mad'

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Shabana Azmi is a well-known name in the cinema world. She has the most National Film Awards to her name. Interestingly, she won her first award in 1972 for her debut film 'Ankur'. Recently, Shabana Azmi recalled her early days in showbiz and talked about an interesting incident that happened on the sets of her 1976 film 'Fakira'. Recently, while talking to 'Zoom', Shabana Azmi revealed that Prithviraj Kapoor was her neighbour and Shashi Kapoor used to visit her family every Sunday. Talking about the time when she was only 9 years old, Shabana revealed that she used to save her pocket money to buy photos of Shashi Kapoor and get them signed by him every Sunday.

Shabana Azmi Shashi Kapoor

Shabana Azmi and Shashi Kapoor

Shabana Azmi said, 'He is the only person whose photo I took his autograph. When I was suddenly cast opposite him in 'Heera Aur Patthar', it was a big shock for me and Shashi Kapoor gave me a very big information.

Why did Shabana Azmi call Shashi Kapoor crazy?

When Shabana Azmi was asked the reason for this, she called him 'crazy' and said that this is his way of expressing love. She recalled a memorable meeting with him on the sets of 'Fakira' during the shooting of the song 'Dil mein tujhe bithakar'. Shabana had reached the sets before Shashi Kapoor and was stunned when the choreographer told her about the romantic scene.

Shabana Azmi Shashi Kapoor

Shabana Azmi started crying in the room

She said, 'I was very young at that time and I had tears in my eyes and I walked off the set. My heart was beating fast because I didn't want to do that shot. So I went inside and I told my hairdresser that I can't do this shot and I started crying. Then Shashi Kapoor came to confront me.

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Shashi Kapoor came and started scolding

Shashi Kapoor asked her, 'What is your problem?' She said, 'I can't do this scene' and he got furious. He asked her, 'When you became an actress and you said mummy, mummy I will also become an actress, didn't you think you will have to do such things.' When he left, Shabana looked at her hairdresser and said, 'He is very bad, look how he is talking to me.' After 'Fakira', the pair worked together in many films including 'Heera Aur Patthar', 'Chor Sipahi', 'Atithi' and 'Oonchi Neeche Beech'.

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