Shahrukh Khan is angry with the media, paparazzi Varinder Chawla told- when we talked on the phone for 5 minutes

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Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been keeping a distance from the media and paparazzi since 2021. He avoids cameras and hides his face behind an umbrella. He has also put a black cloth in the car to avoid the media, so that no one can get a glimpse of him. However, the Aryan Khan case was believed to be behind this and now it has also been confirmed. A paparazzi has told that the actor does this because he is angry with the media over the coverage of his son Aryan Khan's arrest. Actually, Aryan was arrested in October 2021 in the 'Drugs on Cruise' case. He remained in police custody for 22 days. It was claimed that he was also brutally beaten up. Shah Rukh Khan used to go to meet him. After a lot of efforts, Aryan was finally released and acquitted of the charges against him.

This is why Shahrukh Khan hides his face

Now Mumbai paparazzi Varinder Chawla spoke openly about Shahrukh and said that he is 'angry' with the media. He told, 'When Pathan released in 2023, my team saw Shahrukh Khan and he also sent me his pictures. But, I myself did not like it because it seemed that we were interfering in his privacy. Also, Shahrukh seemed angry. Then I called the actor's PR, told him about the video recorded by my team and told him that I would not use it. And apologized to him on behalf of my team for violating his privacy.'

Varinder Chawla spoke to Shahrukh Khan

Varinder further told in an interview to 'Hindi Rush', 'You will not believe, immediately after my call, I got a call from Shahrukh's manager, who first thanked me and then told me that Shahrukh wants to talk to me. I was surprised. From running behind his car to get a glimpse of him to getting his call, it all seemed like a dream. We talked for more than five minutes.'

Shahrukh Khan was sad and upset

Varinder Chawla further said, 'After talking to him, I realized his love for his son Aryan Khan. I also have children, I would have also felt bad if people said bad and wrong things about my children. He was very sad, upset at that time. We did not care about it. We just kept complaining that Shahrukh does not give us photos and always hides his face. He is angry with the media for what they did to his son.'

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