Seven meetings in one day…PM Modi in action mode before election results

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Almost all the exit polls that came after the voting phase of the Lok Sabha elections showed the formation of Modi 3.0 government. However, the final results of the elections will come on June 4, when the votes will be counted. The results of the Lok Sabha elections may not have come yet, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen in full action mode. This is because PM Modi is holding seven meetings in a day. This meeting is being held today on Sunday, in which PM Modi will discuss the 100-day agenda of the next government. Apart from this, meetings will also be held on many issues including cyclone situation, heatwave situation, environment day.

Prime Minister Modi called a high level meeting

It is said about Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he never takes a break. This was also seen when he remained fully active in the election battle that continued for one and a half months. Every day he held several election rallies, road shows in different states. Despite his busy schedule, he also kept attending important meetings. When the alert of Ramal cyclone came, he held a high-level meeting with officials in Delhi. As soon as the noise of election campaign stopped, Prime Minister Modi reached Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari, where he meditated for 45 hours. During this, he also kept a silent fast. On Saturday afternoon, he completed his 45-hour meditation.

Discussion on 100 day road map

Here, most of the exit polls that came out as soon as the election noise stopped have once again given clear indications of the Modi government. After which the Prime Minister is going to hold meetings again. PM Modi will hold seven meetings today. During this, he will take stock of the areas affected by Ramal cyclone in many parts of the country. He will hold a review meeting regarding the situation of the cyclone in the Northeast. Along with this, the Prime Minister will also review the situation of heatwave.

Frequent meetings of Prime Minister Modi

According to the information, PM Modi will also discuss the preparations for Environment Day in the back to back meeting. Apart from this, the 100-day road map of the new government will also be discussed. What will be the 100-day agenda of the new government will also be discussed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called a high-level meeting of officials. In which further strategy will be discussed.

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