Raveena Tandon and her driver accused of brutally beating 3 women, video goes viral

Ronit Kawale
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A shocking video of actress Raveena Tandon has surfaced. She and her driver have been accused of assault. Late on Saturday night, June 1, the actress has been accused of abusing and assaulting three people in Bandra area of ​​​​Mumbai. Not only this, Raveena has also been attacked by the locals. Its video is going viral. According to media reports and viral claims on social media, it is being told that Raveena Tandon's driver is accused of driving recklessly on Carter Road near Rizvi College and hitting three persons. At the same time, when the actress was asked about this, the actress was allegedly in a drunken state. She came out of the car in the same condition and started misbehaving with the victims. She started beating them.

Raveena Tandon and her driver accused

In the video, local people and the victim have surrounded Raveena from all sides and are calling the police. A man is shouting from behind that the actress has run the car over his mother. At the same time, Raveena Tandon is seen telling the people, 'Please-please don't push me. Don't hit me.' The noise of the people is so loud that nothing can be heard clearly in the video.

The victim's son accused Raveena Tandon

Later in the video, a man calls himself the victim's son. He says that my name is Mohammad. And when his mother, sister and niece were passing by Raveena Tandon's house, the driver beat them badly. Not only this, the man also accused her of driving over them. 'After that Raveena Tandon came out. She was drunk. She beat my mother so much that her head broke. My niece's head broke. We have been standing in Khar Police Station for 4 hours. But no one is listening to us. No one is taking our case. We want justice.'

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